New Commissioner & Judge in Austin

A message from Pct. 4 Commissioner James Metts

What an exciting first two weeks in office! I continue to be grateful to the good Lord and to the voters of Precinct 4 for allowing me to serve as Commissioner and work to address and resolve the issues that are of concern to our residents. I’ve carefully assembled a team that’s a mixture of long-term employees of this department and some new faces, all of whom share my vision of providing the highest level of customer service while improving efficiency and productivity as much as possible. As with any new administration, we’ll continue to make adjustments and changes as we settle in and get a better perspective.

For those who are unaware, the state of Texas requires all elected county officials to attend classes. This week, beginning today, I’ll be in Austin, along with our new County Judge Mark Keough. Our county’s new Justices of the Peace, Judge Dunn (Pct. 4) and Judge Beasley (Pct. 3) will also be attending required classes in Austin this week.

I want to reassure residents of Precinct 4, progress will continue despite my absence. Our momentum is continuing! Crews will continue filling potholes, tackling drainage issues, and performing all of the usual services. The Commissioner’s Office is also fully staffed and open for business as usual.

I know many of you are frustrated because you’ve tried for years to get your roads and ditches repaired. I heard from dozens of you, some repeatedly, during the months before I took office. Please continue to be patient with us. We’re working every day, but we’re also trying to assess and prioritize projects so that it’s fair to everyone. We want you to be happy with the services we perform. Your concerns are our concerns, and together, I know we can make East Montgomery County the best it’s ever been.

While it was difficult to leave with so much work to be done, I’m looking forward to spending more time visiting with Judge Keough while we’re in Austin.  We’ve already discussed some ideas and potential projects, as we put our past differences behind us and move forward, working together for the good of the entire county.

In closing, I’d like to once again thank those who’ve entrusted me with this new position. I’m humbled by all of your support and I’m working hard every day for you, and also for those of you whose confidence I still intend to earn. When you say your prayers, please remember to pray for our national, state and local leaders that God will grant us wisdom in our decisions, and the strength to stand for what’s right, even when it’s not what’s popular.

Have a wonderful week!


Commissioner James Metts

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