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no power? loop 494 closed-thank you for shopping at walmart!!!!!

Just after 4 a.m. this morning Porter Fire Department was dispatched to a major accident on Loop 494 at Community Drive. When they arrived on the scene they found a silver Chrysler 300 that had struck a power pole and was under the lines.

The driver Cody Kiser, 17, of Porter  did not have a scratch on him. He was already out of the vehicle.

Due to the crash over 1250 Entergy customers are without power south of Community Drive and east of 59. This could be the situation  for several hours as Entergy crews are assembling to start the work of replacing poles and the hardware on those poles.

With the vehicle under the lines wreckers have not been able to move the vehicle.

The driver who has no drivers license snuck the vehicle away from his home as his parents slept for a trip to Walmart in Porter. Along with him  was the families dog, a pug which fled the scene into the woods and has not been found.

The parents were called and arrived on the scene a short time later. After discussing the situation with DPS the decision was made to file unauthorized use of a motor vehicle charges on the younger Kiser.

Further investigation revealed a Walmart bag with a new can of Dust-Off which Kiser admitted to huffing just before the accident.

He was transported to the Montgomery County Jail by DPS Trooper Sutton.



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  1. I am going to have to disagree with krosstx on this one as far as holding the parents responsible. This young man snuck out of his home and more or less stole his parents car in the early morning hours when he should have been asleep. He is old enough to be held responsible for his bad choices and irresponsible actions. The parents need to be praised for pressing charges against their son. Most parents would not go that far to teach their kids responsibility. Other than that this young man is very lucky he did not kill himself or someone else.

  2. What a moron. I hope he realizes what could have happened had he hit another car. It’s bad enough that he caused hundreds of people and many stores to be without power for many hours including ME. This punk doesn’t deserve to own a pet and I hope he isn’t allowed to get a driver’s license for a very long time. His parents should be held responsible for all the damage that he’s caused for his selfishness and irresponsible actions.

  3. From the looks of this boy, this isn’t his first go round with the law, nor will it be his last. It’s written all over his face ( I’m a punk )

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