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Kind Officer Receives Special Gift in Return

Earlier today, we posted a photo and a message from a reader about an incident the reader witnessed at Chick-Fil-A in Willis, where a police officer noticed a little girl crying because she felt bad and retrieved a stuffed bear from his patrol car and gave it to her. Turns out, that officer was Detective Stewart Hightower of the Panorama Village Police Department, and he says he received something very special in return for his kindness – an original work of art.

Below is the drawing the little girl gave Hightower to thank him for the bear. Beneath that is the original post – a photo and message from a reader who wanted others to know about the officer’s kindness.



Original post:




While eating at Chick-Fil-A in Willis, TX this afternoon, there was a little girl crying because she wasn’t feeling well. This police officer too noticed, got up from his table and walked out to his patrol vehicle. He walked back inside the restaurant holding a stuffed teddy bear and then gave the toy to the little girl to make her feel better. His kindness did not go unnoticed. His compassion was encouraging. I’m so thankful for this officer and the many other officers who serve all across the nation.

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