Wednesday, May 22, 2024


A total of four people were arrested after a chase that followed a robbery at a pharmacy in northwest Harris County, officials said.

One suspect was shot by police and another one initially got away and took a woman and her two children hostage.

It all began at about 11:20 a.m. when two armed suspects robbed the TMP Pharmacy, just one block from the Police station.

A short chase began after that and the suspects were eventually cornered inside a stolen van along 455 School Road near a nursing home.

Police said the robbery suspects bailed from the van, at which time one of the suspects was shot by a Tomball officer.

The person was being treated by Northwest EMS.

The second suspect, who police said was armed, escaped. Law enforcement officers set up a perimeter around the area with assistance from a K9 unit and Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

A tip led them to a nearby apartment complex. The suspect had broken into an apartment and taken the victims hostage. He surrendered when deputies surrounded the apartment. The woman and her children weren’t harmed.

Back at the original crime scene, a resident told police he saw a black Lexus SUV drive up with the suspects’ van and said it remained behind. The SUV parked but its engine kept running the whole time. The windows were covered, and when police knocked on the SUV no one answered.

Eventually, the SUV quit running and firefighters had to pop open the door. Inside authorities found a very sweaty man lying on the floorboards.

Authorities believe he was manning a fresh getaway vehicle for the robbers. He told police he was waiting for his girlfriend, who did show up. She spotted police and tried to leave, but was also arrested.

Tomball Elementary and Tomball Intermediate School were placed on lockdown during the search.

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