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Officers Appreciate Mayor’s Help

September 9 marked a significant victory for the Roman Forest Police Department. The Roman Forest City Council unanimously approved Mayor Ray Ricks’ proposed budget which included a well-overdue raise for the police officers.

After negotiations between Police Chief Stephen Carlisle and Mayor Ray Ricks, and the involvement of the Fraternal Order of Police President Shane Albritton, who represented the officers, Mayor Ray Ricks offered the largest raise ever given to Roman Forest Police, according to Chief Carlisle.

“Officers who were making the poverty level wage of $12.82 an hour are thankful now for the Mayor reorganizing the pay scale,” Chief Carlisle said.

After the mayor reorganized the pay scale for officers, Chief Carlisle and Albritton, on behalf of RFPD officers, publicly endorsed the Mayor’s proposed budget during the Roman Forest City Council budget meetings.

Entry-level officers will now be hired at $14 per hour. Corporals will be paid $15.25 an hour and Sergeants will be paid $16.50 per hour. Mayor Ricks also established that every regular officer, after receiving the raise, will be given a 5% pay increase on top of this new pay rate. Mayor Ricks also gave a 5% pay increase to all city employees.

Officers were pleasantly surprised by Councilman Scott Baker’s proposal that approved the purchase of one week of Paid Time Off from some of the officers who have accrued comp-time or were not allowed to take their Paid Time Off due to being shorthanded.

“On behalf of myself and the entire Roman Forest Police Department, I applaud Mayor Ray Ricks in his efforts to give officers the largest raise in the history of Roman Forest,” Chief Carlisle said. “It’s been four years since our last pay increase, but now the officers have hope of a potential yearly pay increase that may bring officers to a livable wage.”

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