IMGA0134Monday evening the East Montgomery County Improvement District held it’s yearly Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner.

Congressman Kevin Brady was the guest speaker at the event and expressed his gratefulness for law enforcement. Brady told the audience of his experience with law enforcement while growing up. He told of his dad being an attorney in a small town and working for the State Attorney Office. This after college and he returned from the war.

His father and a friend then started their own law practice and took a case for their church. A church member had been in an abusive relationship and Brady’s father worked at helping her acquire a divorce. The woman’s husband threatened the Brady family to the point Brady’s mother had to learn to use a gun. The man would drive up and down the street in front of their home causing Brady’s parents to put the children to bed and turn off the lights.

On the day of the divorce the husband stood up in the courtroom stood up and shot his wife, Kevin Brady’s father and the judge. The judge was the only one of the three that lived.

Brady’s mother was forced to raise the five children alone. During that time law enforcement was a big part of his life. Brady explained the officers had to located all five children and tell them their father was gone.

Brady was on the high school football field when the officer came to him and told him of the loss of his father.

During every step of the way, the funeral and trial law enforcement was at their side.

Brady said, “ It really brought home to me how important each of you (officers) is to our families because you are always saying it will never happen to me, but it does. Thankfully we have you willing to sacrifice to keep us safe.”

He also thanked the families of the officers who allow them to protect the citizens of our community.


Lone Star College Police Department
Officer Melinda A. Ortega

IMGA0114Officer Melinda A. Ortega has been a member of the Lone Star College System Police
Department since June 17, 2010. She has served at the Kingwood campus and the Atascocita Center. Officer Ortega has a Peace Officer License and a Jailer License granted by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. She has accrued over eleven hundred hours of training in diverse topics ranging from Active Shooter Response to Legal Standards for Law
Enforcement Officers. Officer Ortega has completed the 32 hour Intermediate Spanish for
Law Enforcement course and was selected to attend the Department of Homeland Security
First Responders Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings training at New Mexico State in
2013. While employed as an Officer with Lone Star College Police Department Officer,
Ortega has responded to and resolved numerous incidents including fraud, stalking, theft,
criminal trespass, assault and medical assists. On November 11, 2013, Officer Ortega was
dispatched regarding a disruptive student. Upon arrival, she met with the instructor and
student. The situation was contained and settled with a positive solution for all parties. In
addition to basic police and protective services Officer Ortega routinely provides assistance
to members of the campus community in the form of courtesy transports, vehicle assists and classroom access. Due to Officer Ortega’s efforts the college campus remains one of the safest and more crime free areas in Kingwood. Officer Ortega’s singularly distinctive
accomplishment reflects great credit upon herself and the Lone Star College System Police


Montgomery County Constable, Pct. 4
Deputy Dwayne Morrow

IMGA0115Deputy Morrow is not only a Criminal Enforcement Officer who serves and protects the
public but he plays a very specific role as a Livestock Officer. Deputy Morrow is a part of a
special division that is tasked with protecting the livestock animals of this precinct as well as the county. On October 25, 2012, Deputy Morrow was tasked with conducting an
investigation into animal cruelty near the Acorn Hill area. After making contact with the
complainant in the investigation who advised that his donkey had gotten loose and that he
had met with a neighbor who stated that he would help with recovering the animal. During
the course of Deputy Morrow’s investigation, it was discovered that this individual, later
turned suspect had located the pet donkey and used his vehicle in an attempt to drag the
animal home. While pulling the donkey on the roadway, the donkey initially kept up but
when speed increased to approximately 40 MPH the animal refused being pulled any further. The donkey was dragged until it fell over and was dragged on its side for another 10-15 feet. When the suspect realized the extent of the donkey’s injuries, he fled the scene. Fortunately a veterinarian saw the donkey on the roadway and stopped to provide assistance to the animal. The donkey was still alive but seriously injured. Deputy Morrow arrived at the location and was able to gather photos as well as statements that supplied his investigation with enough evidence to prosecute this subject and gain a conviction as well. Due to Deputy Morrow’s efforts and those of good Samaritans, the donkey is alive and well today.


Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department
Detective Donna Rippley

IMGA0116On July 19, 2013, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Detective Donna Rippley was contacted regarding a fifteen month old child with second and third degree burns to her feet. Detective Rippley went to Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital in Houston where she met with the CPS case worker. Detective Rippley learned the burn marks suggested that the act was intentional. Multiple interviews of the child’s mother produced multiple versions of how the child was burned. None of the versions made sense or were possible. The Doctor treating the child stated the burns were consistent with child abuse. Upon completing her investigation Detective Rippley presented her findings to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution. A warrant was obtained for the mother of the child. Upon receiving the warrant Detective Rippley arrested the mother for injury to a child. The mother is currently awaiting trial on this case. The child is currently in the custody of a family member and recovering from her injuries. Detective Rippley has worked in East County since being employed with the Sheriff’s office. Detective Rippley has been with the Sheriff’s Office since December 2007. Detective Rippley enjoys working in East County and serving its citizens. Detective Rippley previously won this award for her service and dedication to the community while a Patrol Deputy.




Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Brandon Bartoskewitz

IMGA0117Several years ago Montgomery County realized that we had a serious problem with DWI. The Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s Office and local law enforcement began aggressive enforcement of the DWI laws. In the years since, the fatality rate related to DWI’s on the roads of Montgomery County has dropped 50%. Deputy Brandon Bartoskewitz is one of the Officers who saw the need for aggressive enforcement and began to take on this duty personally. Deputy Bartoskewitz has attended several advanced DWI training schools and recently completed his Drug Recognition Enforcement Certification making him one of few in the Sheriff’s Office who are certified in this specialty DWI enforcement. In 2013 Deputy Bartoskewitz filed 75 DWI cases helping to make the roadways of East Montgomery County a much safer place.


City of Patton Village Police Department
Officer James Coldiron

IMGA0118Officer Coldiron (AKA Ironman) shows positive attitude in his job performance. He gives 110%. He has shown outstanding initiative being here only for a short while. He’s gone above and beyond the call of duty, by taking it upon himself on and off duty and at his own expense, to take numerous classes on drug interdiction and such. He has made numerous arrests and has far exceeded his expectations as an officer and we only see further growth in the future. It’s my belief that Officer Coldiron will be someone to watch because I believe that he is going to be an exemplary officer and will continue to learn from this day forward. This is the type of officer that we as a community want coming into our departments.


City of Roman Forest Police Department
Officer Joshua Sieman

IMGA0119Officer Joshua Sieman began his Law Enforcement career with the Roman Forest Police Department in July of 2012. In such a short time, he has begun to leave his mark in our community. He has received numerous commendations from the public as well as from other police agencies’ supervisors. The good guys love him and the bad huts hate him. He is always eager to get the job done and has a good eye for criminal activity. One of the many cases that deserve recognition is a traffic stop that led to the arrests of organized prescription drug dealers leading to the largest case and vehicle seizures by our agency. Another example is that from just a crime scene photo of a common truck, he studied the placement and shape of a window sticker and vigorously searched for a matching truck and sticker until he located and arrested the suspects which uncovered an organized copper theft ring that has been eluding law enforcement for months. This find led to solving countless area thefts. Officer Sieman is known in our community for taking out trash cans for senior citizens, spending time at New Horizons with his physical and mentally challenged friends and much more without expectation of reward or recognition. He is always eager to learn and always provides a helping hand to other officers. Joshua Sieman’s dedication has made our community a better place and he deserves to be recognized.


Splendora ISD Police Department
Officer Jimmy (Buddy) Kellum

IMGA0121Although Officer Kellum has been with our department for a short period, he is well known in the Law Enforcement community. His knowledge and experience has shown during his tenure with us. “Buddy” as he is known is stationed at our Jr. High school and has become an integrated part of the staff there. It takes a special person and officer to work with students on a daily basis. Especially at the age level of Jr. High. Buddy fits that description to a tee. Since joining the police department in July, Buddy has made quite an impact working to help any student to better themselves and feel safe while attending Splendora ISD. He seems to get bragged on every day by the staff and students at the Jr. High and always has an open door and heart for our community, staff and students. I see a bright and safe future for our students and staff with Officer Kellum’s assistance.




City of Splendora Police Department
Officer Alex Maldonado

IMGA0124Officer Maldonado began his law enforcement career with the Splendora Police Department in May of 2012. In his time with this department, he has proven time and again to be a valuable and integral member of the Law Enforcement Community. Possessing a strong work ethic and “can do” attitude, Officer Maldonado insures that any endeavor he undertakes has a positive outcome for both the department and community he serves. As a FTO (Field Training Officer) he is afforded the opportunity to reinforce these characteristics and strengths in new Officers with the department. The above statements are evident in his performance for 2013. Officer Maldonado’s efforts resulted in 63 arrests for various offenses ranging from narcotics, weapon offenses and assault. During 2013 Officer Maldonado also recovered eight stolen vehicles and prevented thousands of dollars in property loss by actively patrolling and interrupting two separate burglaries in progress at local businesses. Throughout the year Officer Maldonado delivered consistent, professional law enforcement service to the City of Splendora and Community of East Montgomery County.



Texas Department of Public Safety
Trooper Andy Sharp

IMGA0125During the latter part of 2012 Trooper Andy Sharp responded to a one vehicle crash on FM 1485 where the vehicle left the roadway and struck a large tree. During the investigation he learned the passenger of the vehicle had succumbed from the injuries she suffered during the crash. Trooper Sharp determined that the driver, who was the deceased’s husband, was intoxicated on medication. The driver was transported to the hospital for his injuries and after several days discharged. The driver fled to family in La Porte then would abscond to Ohio without even attending the funeral of his wife. Trooper Sharp learned from the family the driver had a serious medication addiction and had been in several other crashes. Trooper Sharp would work tirelessly with the District Attorney’s office and officials in Ohio to apprehend the suspect and bring him back to Texas to stand trial for the death of his wife. On August 28th 2013 the suspect was extradited back to Texas  Last week he was sentenced to seven years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Trooper Sharp’s relentless pursuit of justice has lead to another dangerous intoxicated driver off the roadway and closure for a devastated family.



Texas Department of Public Safety
Trooper John Sullivan

IMGA0127The Texas Department of Public Safety has always prided itself on the professionalism, strong work ethic, and commitment to the community their Troopers reside in. Trooper John Sullivan is just what they are referring to. During 2013 Trooper Sullivan made one-hundred and ninety criminal arrests ranging from wanted felons to hit and run suspects to highway drug couriers. When not busy with these arrests he took forty two intoxicated drivers off our roadways making the streets safer for our families and neighbors. This year was a great year for Trooper Sullivan as he was chosen by his chain of command to take his knowledge and tactics on the road and begin instructing other officers how to safely bring pursuits to a stop and take the suspects under control. Trooper Sullivan traveled the State spending time away from his family conducting these week long training sessions. Trooper Sullivan’s work ethic, selflessness, and strong desire to give back to his profession should be commended.