August 18, 2022 9:13 am

Posted: 12.10.2013 13:18

Officials: Twin Toddlers Locked in Room Nude, No Food, No Toys

LIBERTY COUNTY– An 8:55 a.m. call Saturday to Cpl. Michael Strait of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department to meet Federal Probation Officers led to the discovery of twin sisters living in conditions worse than most pets. The visit also resulted in charges of Abandonment/Endangerment of a Child on 27-year-old Amy Castillo, after her 2-year-old twin nieces were found locked in a room, nude and without food or sanitary bathroom facilities.

Lead Investigator Cpl. Strait is in the process of preparing a case to forward to the District Attorney’s office for possible charges against the mother of the two little girls, Brandy Dominguez, 20, who was not at home when the Federal Officers arrived.

The Federal Probation Officers, out of Beaumont, had gone to the residence located at 200 CR 2283 to check on Brandy Dominguez because she is on pre-trial release for a Human Trafficking charge. Dominguez was not at home when they arrived but her sister, Amy Castillo allowed the Officers to enter the home.

While on location, the Officers heard scratching coming from a door leading to a bedroom. With Castillo’s permission, the double locked door was opened and the officers found the twin girls. Both were nude, no food or toys were in the room and Cpl. Strait said there was only one blanket on the floor and the room smelled strongly of human waste.

Liberty County EMS was called to the scene and checked the little girls’ physical condition, which appeared to be satisfactory. The CPS office was contacted and at the time of this writing, they were en route to the scene to do a case evaluation on the disposition of the twin girls. The case will continue under investigation by the LCSO, CPS and the D.A’s office.


Additional details will be posted later…