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At approximately 12:30 pm on March 17, 2015, Polk County Sheriff’s Office Dispatchers dispatched Officers with Onalaska PD to Valero (off 190 W. in Onalaska).  Dispatchers stated that there was a man with a shotgun on the premises.  According to a witness, the gunman entered the store with a pump action shot gun and fired several shots in the store.  Officers with Onalaska PD arrived.  The gunman (now in the parking lot) fired at the police who returned fire and shot the gunman.  Deputies with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Police Chief, Ron Gilbert, Sheriff Hammack, DA investigators (and District Attorney Lee Hon), and a Texas Ranger were dispatched to the scene.  The gunman was rushed to CHI Livingston Memorial Hospital by Americare Ambulance Service.  The gunman died at the emergency room a short time later.  One Officer with Onalaska PD took several bbs from the shotgun but was walking around and doing fine

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  1. My nephewn suffered from depression justb like millions on this earth that take their lives every day weather by their ownb hands or by cop. He was a good boy. You dont know anything about him except what you read in the media so what makes you think you know anything about him. And when the truth comes out from the ongoing investigations and you see just how freaking wrong you are and those wrongly judging him I hope you have the balls to apologise

  2. You can read all the articles you want the media dont have their facts straight. The police told my sister who son was the one killed exactly what happened ans he never entered thw store. That came from the police mouth

  3. “gunman entered the store with a pump action shot gun and fired several shots in the store.”….”One Officer with Onalaska PD took several bbs from shotgun”….sharid1964 are we reading the same article, or are you just sticking up for your nephew who IMHO got exactly what he deserved? Local Drifter is 100% correct!! And luckily those officers who risk their lives every day protecting ingrates like you can go home to the families. Your nephew was a coward! all the way around.

  4. HE DIDNT SHOOT INTO THE STORE AND HE NEVER AIMED AT THE COPS JUST THE CAR SO THEY WOULD SHOOT HIM. SUICIDE BY COP. Your a heartless excuse for a human being and all I can do is pray for you and move on because one day God will have his day with you and hopefully touch your heart. Im done talking to an ignorant person.

  5. So he was having a bad day. Stubbed his toe. Broke a nail. Got a pimple before his big date. BIG DEAL. Tons of folk go through crap daily and don’t shoulder a 12 gauge like a Louiville Slugger standing at home plate aiming for the fences.

    Had he hit his mark that clerk, a citizen, those officers would be just as dead regardless if the underlying reason is stubbed toe or depression. Whatever his temporary malady was it’s been been cured permanently now and I won’t have to attend another officers funeral.

  6. Let me tell you one thing localdrifter. Get your shit straight before you go running your diarrhea nout about shit you know nothing about. That young man was my nephew and he DID NOT SHOOT ANYWHERE IN THE STORE!!!! He parked out at the pumps and called the police himself saying there was a man with a gun and when they got there he shot the cop car not directly at the cops and they shot him. He was suffering from severe depression and committed suicide my cop. So I hope this never happens to a member of your family and someone runs their mouth like you did. He was not a goon he was a corrections officer at a jail. SCymbals like you make me sick to my stomach. Pos

  7. Glad you can make light at the loss of human life there local dilznick..luckily no one else was killed. Hopefully the officer(s) involved can come to grips with the outcome and understand they may very well have saved the lives of many innocent people.

    • Your damned right I’ll make fun of the loss of THIS life. Any time some clown takes a shotgun into a store and lets a few rounds fly there’s a good chance he’s not there collecting donations for the Red Cross. And pops some off at responding officers? They have my blessing to empty their clips and all the bullets on their belts into the idiot.

  8. Good. Another goon dead. Cornered at The Corner Store. No broken glass so no stray rounds. Time at the range pays off in spades again.

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