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Just after 8:30pm Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a disturbance on Lakeshore Drive just off FM 1488 in the Woodland Lakes Subdivision. When units arrived they found two males in the street in critical condition. One male report to be in his late 50’s was unconscious. The other male believed to be the son of the injured man was also critical. MCHD transported both to Tomball Medical Center. There the younger of the two was pronounced deceased.

The subdivision just west of Magnolia has one road in and one road out. For the next 7 hours the subdivision was closed off with crime scene tape as Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Detectives and Assistant District Attorney Prosecutors poured over the scene investigating it.

According to Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department PIO Lt. Brady Fitzgerald, the two males had been walking and an altercation took place with the black male driver of the passenger car.  It is believed they were both struck with either a tire tool or crow bar. Investigators are still talking to the driver of the vehicle in an attempt to piece together what happened.

They say a lot will also hinge on the autopsy planned in the morning that will yield a better understanding of the injuries.

The older injured male was released a short time ago from Tomball Regional.

According to another driver who was also approached by the pair of white males, “they were staggering like they were drunk, my girlfriend and I came by and they started yelling for us to slow down., that is when the younger male who was carrying a fishing rod started swinging at my truck and almost hit me through the open window.  About 30 minutes later as we were coming back up the road we say the two in the road and Sheriff cars arriving.”

A Pizza Hut delivery driver had delivered a pizza in the subdivision and was behind the scene on his way out. He spent 7 hours waiting to leave.

Almost 30 residents were also blocked from getting in the subdivision and parked at the Valero at the subdivision entrance. Some remained with the vehicles as others walked home.

The subdivision only has one road in and out.


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