Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Conroe Police arrested Cintron-Rios Saturday afternoon.

Cintron-Rios, Jesus Fabian

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  1. Story’s lacking details. What’d this guy do? Who are the other nine? Was he identified after the Ice Cream Man posted a pic on Instagram? With just a photo and a name for all I know he was with 9 of his chums outside of their high school and everyone tossed their Drumstick wrappers to the ground after leaving the truck truck. Capturing one out of a gang of rapists of a child SHOULD be heralded. Capturing the leader of a gang of litterbugs, not so much.

  2. Like finally getting to place a mark on the card in a game of bowling, not quite the score that’s going to get you invited to join a league.

    • Actually LD, there’s a DPS agent who has tracked down and arrested 9 Featured Fugitives in a matter of a few months while still performing his other duties. We’re not always notified of the arrests. It would be nice if we had a page with all of them and could X them out as they were arrested.

  3. Nice catch, but you have to know, the State doesn’t have the stomach to keep kids like this behind bars. How many criminals do we have roaming the streets with multiple felonies?

    I think MCSO does a fine job serving the public. I think they deserve a lot better from the criminal justice system than to have to have to recycle crud like this time and time again.

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