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one suspect captured in liberty county manhunt


LIBERTY, May 29, 2011 – Sunday morning was a little unusual for the Whitaker family who live off of CR 133N south of Liberty.

As you know from news coverage from a few days ago, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department with the assistance of a DPS Helicopter as well as tracking dogs and horses from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice was conducting a search for three wanted fugitives from justice off of CR 133 N about seven miles south of US 90 off FM 563.

Investigation by the Sheriff’s Department after the search began indicated that two of the wanted subjects had left the area after receiving assistance from individuals who picked them up and gave them a ride out according to Captain Evans.

Also during the search one of the tracking dogs was found dead in the marsh that makes up the area, which is part of the Trinity River Bottom. Law Enforcement Offices thought an alligator, according to Captain Rex Evans of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department, had killed the dog.

With the knowledge that two of the wanted men had left the area and with days passing and no evidence of the third wanted subject or any indication that he had left the area, or his whereabouts, Officials at the Sheriff’s Office were concerned that the third subject could possibly have been injured in some way and was unable to get out of the environment and seek help from others.

Well the mystery of what happened to the third wanted subject, Chance Hunt, was solved early Sunday morning at the beautiful home and residence of the Barry Whitaker family of Liberty.

According to Barry Whitaker, early this morning his wife was tending to the swimming pool and he was outside taking care of small chores when they noticed a man propped up against a fence at their home.

The man had no shirt, no shoes, and a torn pair of pants that he was wearing turned inside out. He was very dirty and all scratched up. Whitaker went on to explain that the young man was holding a large stick that he was using as a walking cane with his bare feet so injured and cut up that he could hardly walk.

Whitaker stated that the young man told them that he had been in the marsh for several days after his boat over turned in the Trinity River and he lost some of his clothes belongings and shoes in the boating accident. He also indicated to Whitaker that he had not eaten in days and was extremely hungry.

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They invited the man into their home to give him something to drink and made him a ham sandwich to eat.

While the young man was eating the Whitakers contacted the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office telling them that they thought one of the wanted subjects that they were looking for had come to their house and asked Officers to come to their home and identify the man.

Officers quickly arrived and confirmed that the young man was Chance Hunt.

Whitaker told that Chance Hunt told them that he had spent some time in a tree to avoid aggressive wild hogs that he was afraid of, particularly since he appeared to have no way of defending himself against their attacks.

Trooper covers the front seat of his patrol vehicle before transporting Hunt to nearby ambulance

Officers took the man into custody and transported him from the Whitaker residence to a point near the intersection of FM 563 and CR 133 N after dispatching an ambulance to meet them at that location to tend to Hunt’s necessary medical needs.

According to Captain Evans, Chance Hunt is in custody and was transported to the Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center for treatment after observing his vital signs and the fact the his speech was incoherent. It is unclear how long he will remain there at the present time.

The other two wanted suspects, Christopher Ryan Treece and William Dale Perkins, remain at large at the present time and are thought to be out of the immediate area.

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