Saturday, September 30, 2023


DPS Troopers are still working to make attempts to notify next of kin on the victims of this mornings fatal crash on Interstate 45. At this time they have located the family of Stephen Isbell, 47, of The Woodlands. He was a passenger in the Chevrolet Malibu in which the intoxicated driver Edward Blackwell of Montgomery was the driver.

The female driver of the Pontiac has been identified but troopers continue to attempt to locate family members.


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  1. @Leelee and all the friends of Ed. I am Dominique Hobbs step- mother and I’m sorry I can’t truly feel your pain right now because we are dealing with our own. Our son’s life was taken by Ed’s careless ans selfish act. We have to bury our 27 yr old son. This should not be happening. I grieve for the other families as well. He has a 7 year old son who lost his father. We are a family of faith and we know that God is in control and we trust him. But for you and others to get on here and act as if Ed is a victim is a slap in the face. Ed killed our son and we have to deal with this the rest of our lives. Whoever was with him that night or where ever he was drinking as equally as responsible. They should not have let him drive. Dominique and Anis are the only victims because the person in the car with Ed had to be pretty drunk too not realize they were headed the wrong. Ed took 2 beautiful ppl from us and it not fair. He made a conscious effort to drink and drive. Dominique mother had just saw him at 10p and he told her he was headed to Houston and would be back by the 4th within 4 hours he was dead. May God have mercy on Ed’s soul because he is going to need it.

  2. I feel very sorry for the families of the deceased; but calling for harsher laws and punishment for drinking and driving isn’t the way to stop any of this. Setting a program in place to where bars and restraunts monitor they’re patrons better and provide an alternative mode of transportation is the way to go. Yes there is a flaw in the sense of what if they are drinking at home and decide to get on the road. I don’t have a solution for that. But I believe that if a program like the one I sugest is implemented it would reduce the number of intoxicated persons on the road and limit the number of crashes and alchohal related arrests. I mean really bars and restraunts already pay higher taxes and fees to serve alchohal, alchohal is already taxed in the state of Texas. Why can’t some of that money go to fund a program to prevent the drivers from ever getting on the road. Most bars in this area (especially the woodlands) are located relitively close to one another. Yes there are already people out there offering designated driving services but its an optional service and some of them have outrageous rates. To rap this up there’s a huge difference between drinking and driving and being intoxicated and driving. Prevention is always better than punishment.

  3. @Leelee @TxCID
    I don’t give a F… we have a right to our opinion and that’s why we have a place to write it. I don’t care about what the kids read, good I hope they do read these post, because maybe it will break the cycle for the wrong their dad did. HE KILLED!!! HE MURDERED PEOPLE!! HE DID A SELFLESS ACT!!! What the heck is a DAD & FATHER doing out at that time of morning and at that AGE!!! Really, grow up. My DAD was killed, not only by a DRUNK DRIVER, BUT ALSO A WRONG WAY DRIVER!! My daughter, my twin sister’s daughters and my older sister’s kids will never know there grandpa, never even got the chance to see us grow up, graduate, marry. My twin sister was put in a coma for 9 months, and all ribs broken, both legs broken. My older sister pen’s and screws in her leg, and internal injuries and my own injuries. WE WERE ONLY 9 YRS OLD WHEN WE LOST OUR DAD, DUE TO A DRUNK DRIVER & WRONG WAY DRIVER!!!! The man took off and never got charged in our DAD’s death. I’m glad these Drunk Drivers will be charged and I too bad they don’t get the Death Sentence in this country.. Because, Prison is a nothing, the have it made in there. They still get to see there family, and get to touch and hold them. I work in the prison system and I see the Drunk Drivers who kill all the time in the prison and I don’t feel sorry for them. The made the decision to drink and drive. Most Drunk Drivers in the State of Texas Don’t even make it to Prison, most get a slap on the wrist and get to have their freedom again, to kill again. So, I don’t feel sorry for the Drunk Drivers. The pain for the families is a life long pain, a whole in our hearts, our families lives will never be the same because of a Drunk Driver & Wrong way driver. Were would our lives be today, had a Drunk Driver not taken the life of our DAD! He was an Awesome FATHER & DAD too. Who know’s, would it be different, I’m sure… But, we will never know. BECAUSE OF THE SELFISH ACT OF 1 PERSON WHO MADE THE CHOICE TO DRINK AND DRIVE. Why couldn’t he call his family or friends, why did they let him leave a place drunk, and yall are defending him. where were yall when he needed you to call on. PRAYERS TO THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHO LOST A LOVED ONE IN THESE SENSELESS ACTS.. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL, I UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU ARE COMING FROM AND IT’S A LONG ROAD AND IT NEVER GET EASY… PRAYERS…

  4. Copeland: I agree with ya on what ya say especially the last sentance. These damn liberals shouldn’t even be allowed to make a decision, we would all be better off that way.! Ha…..

    Rcbryantjr: that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Oh yea let’s give the government more power to control all of us and turn this nation into a communist nation. You know that’s just like people that say guns should be banned cause they kill people no guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Accidents happen and sometimes it is horrifying. Everyone makes mistakes in life some bigger than others. This is truly a sad thing that happened. I’m not saying drinking and driving is right all, I don’t believe we should do it, however I’m sure each and everyone of us has at sometime in their life done so………… My deepest sympathy and prayers are with the families of both parties involved here. May GOD be with all of you….

  5. There is simply no excuse what so ever! My thoughts and prayers are for the victims and their families as well as the families of the drunk drivers. They had no control in what happened.

    I also feel for the law enforcement that has had to deal with the two accidents in such a short time span. This is hard on them as well.

  6. I don’t agree with making bars, restuarants, etc. responsible for drunk drivers. We are a society that wants to spread the responsibility. The drivers are not on their first rodeo hence they make a decision while sober to engage in the activity they know will inhibit their choices. As adults they should make the decision to NOT DRINK. Nobody wants to be responsible for their actions. At school, the students response is always “I didn’t do anything, it was (fill in the blank) fault for anything I did. The fact is: YOU DRINK, YOU DRIVE, YOU GO TO JAIL. At least that is how it should be – followed by jail time, lost of the priviledge of driving, and bearing the entire costs of attorneys, court, fines, plus payments for losses of property if applicable. By the time they dig out of this jam, the last thing they would want to engage in, is drinking. As a matter of fact, they should have to work several jobs to may the payoff and therefore shouldn’t have time nor energy for sitting around drinking,

  7. Here’s a solution to the DWI problem! People should quit freaking drinking! The government should step up and recognize Alcohol for what it really is… a killer! It is an addictive drug that causes worse judgment and impairment than any illegal drug on the market today! Alcohol should be made just as illegal as Methamphetamine , cocaine, or marijuana! It is worse than any of those drugs and has caused way more deaths! Wake up people! Stop blaming the people who consume the product and blame the people who allow it to be legal and the companies who promote the sale of Alcohol! That’s who is truly responsible for the people who drink and drive and the deaths that they cause!

  8. Stephen “Kyle” Isbell is the father of my little sister’s best friend. He has four children: Meagin, Madison, Morgan, and Montana. He was heaven bound. Please pray for his family.

  9. I worked with ED, and he is a good dude. I am saddened by what he did, and feel terrible for all the lives lost and family members hurt. Ed made a Hugh mistake, one he may not live through. If he lives through it I am sure he will pay for this the rest of his life and it will never be enough. I know he is the type of guy who would gladly give his own life to bring just one of those he killed back if he could. He is a great father, Soldier, and proud War Veteran. Leelee, I am truly sorry for you and your family. Of Course I am also unable to comprehend the pain that must be felt by the families of the innocents killed this morning and wish you all the strength needed to get through this.

  10. Leelee.

    I feel bad for the family members of those drunk drivers who unfortunately kill. We all know they don’t want to, but it’s still a conscious crime that deserves a severe penalty.

    Personally, I wonder what a 45 year old man is doing out drunk at 1:30 in the morning? I’m 37, and I haven’t been out past 10:30pm since I was 30 (due in large part to having a 7 year old). Did his friends let him down and let him drive when they knew he shouldn’t? Did he drink 12 beers at one location? Does he go out and party all the time? Is this his first night out on the town in years and he was celebrating a hole in one? Would you have ever thought he would have done this?

  11. My heart breaks for the lives lost in this catastrophe this morning. My brother was the driver. he is fighting for his life at this moment. His parents, children and family are in shock as well. Ed has always been a good person but one mistake can totally change a multitude of lives. Life is precious and his family is devestated as well. Please know that his children may see these post (and I understand the outrage) but please people they are hurting too. Prayers for all the lives involved.

  12. I just don’t get it. Drunk Driving is murder. Back in 1974 I lost both parents to a drunk driver. Had he not been killed too he would have been tried and convicted of 7 years a piece for each life he took. SEVEN years??? How do you put a price on a life? I now know of someone who just got released from prison for the third time for DWI. She has EIGHT DWI’s on record! E-I-G-H-T really? Convicted of 20 years and out in a little over FOUR. Guess what? She is going to get her DL back! The first DWI should be a felony. People KNOW what they are doing when they get behind the wheel drunk. OUR LAWS HAVE GOT TO BE STIFFER. My prayers are with the family members that have lost innocent people they love because some stupid moron decided it’s okay to drink and drive. It is NOT okay. Intoxication Manslaughter???? No M-U-R-D-E-R………….

  13. My deepest sympathy goes out to the families and friends that lost their loved ones in these terrible tragedies. Hang in there and keep your faith.

  14. Does anyone have any idea on the count – watering holes ( including restaurants that have bars)from Rayford Sawdust to 242? This seems to be the area – the flashing sign that states deaths and accidents due to alcohol- or such – not sure exact wording

  15. Does anyone have any idea on the count – watering holes ( including restaurants that have bars)from Rayford Sawdust to 242? This seems to be the area – the flashing sign that states deaths and accidents due to alcohol- or such – not sure exact wording – Oh – besides DWI’s, we have more to contend with now. – The list of impairment can be any form, yacking on cell phone, texting, prescription medicines, lack sleep… Common denominator here is lack of good judgement, common sense and/or not using these – deciding to get behind the wheel. Has anyone else seen the email where common sense has died in America. Just saying…

  16. someone mentioned a new club opend where Sams Boat was and they think people may have left there intoxicated and then looking for a way to get back in their state get confused.

  17. To Copeland
    I did a SNL – Thought on DWI’s Thursday – whatever… Responsibility to be shared by establishments that serve – alcohol – any accident due alcohol impairment, gets to share fines – expenses, doctors – hospital mortuaries, etc plus jail time and then also- do like strip clubs -but extra $10 – 5 from patron and $5 from establishment – money to go to victims fund. Driving is a privilege – not a right. So when someone drinks – stay put, oh yea I hear about designated drivers – and taxis – well if that is happening, why so many DWI’s and wrecks by DWI’s? Driving impaired has always been a sore spot, working volunteer Fire department in the 60’s being a teenager and making wrecks – not a pretty site – left heck impression…

  18. @CSMjim…. That’s why there are COLORED STRIPES on the Roadways!!Know what they mean?? You DO NOT NEED signs to tell you One~Way…

  19. This is yet another sad day due to Another Drunk driver. Crazy!!! I pray for all involved. My dad had 5 DUI’s in Florida before he Finally was sentanced to only 3yrs in prison. I don’t understand??? I worked at a LaMariposa in Conroe and watched wait staff, bartenders and Management allow people to leave seriously DRUNK. I got fired for going to the Owner to report this and drug activity. People don’t care. TABC is a joke, just a piece of paper. I hate what people are allowed to do with almost no, if any, Punishment. God help us all….

  20. LESMF: I read your comment and thought who is this self-serving person? Is it someone that works for the DA’s office, trying to cover his own butt in the wake of these two tragedies or maybe just someone that works for the DA’s office? Then I read it more closely and realized that your main point was Higher Bail Bonds. Then I read your moniker, LESMF and realized it was you Les, a Bail Bondsman, and it all made since. Les you are still a self-promoting SOB. I am sure the DA appreciates you compliments.

  21. One thing that might help is putting up “ONE WAY” signs along the frontage roads. I drove the frontage along I45 between 1488 and 242 as well as between 242 and Research Forrest this morning. I saw ONE sign. None of the entrances for the frontage road from the shopping center north of 242 on the southbound side have a “ONE WAY” sign.
    Its not only drunks who do this, but elder drivers get confused too.

  22. I totally agree!! Quit slapping their wrists!! It should be upped to a felony and a high bond over-the-board for every DWI!! Also it should not take 3 DWI convictions before time in TDCJ!! There should be more than just 3 days of jail time-which is often waived and not even served, and larger fines, and what is this BS about 90 days DL suspension and then turning around and negating that so they can continue to drive?!!!?? Mr. Amador Ramirez in Huntsville TX has 2 DWI convictions, one from 4/8/2012 Easter Sunday at 6am! He caused a wreck on 2/13/2012 which injured me irreparably, totaled my car, hit another driver stopped at a stop sign, all on a Monday morning at 7am-coming off of a Sunday drunk and driving around pulling out in front of drivers because he is IMPAIRED!!!! AND he has not spent a day of the 6 days he was required to spend in jail on the two DWI convictions!! AND his DL was never suspended for the two periods of 90 days!!! Come on Walker county Judges!!! You are the ones responsible for my ruined back!! YOU are the ones putting these DRUNKS back out into the driving public!!! How would you like to be hit by one of the idiots you turn loose and injured and financially stressed by the loss of health and property??? Jusges that make lenient jusgements in these cases need to get the hell off of the bench so someone who has the spine to do the job can mete out JUSTICE!!! You old liberals need to go on home and retire!!

  23. This is beyond belief. Another tragedy.
    Our district attorney has done everything in his power to reduce the number of DWI accidents in Montgomery County and to date has done an admirable job of doing so. Bret Ligon is going beyond the call of duty by implementing innovative procedures and programs in trying to protect Montgomery county from drunk drivers.
    One thing we can do, which is out of Mr. Ligon’s hands, is to make first and second DWI offenses a more serious matter.
    The judges and magistrates in our county continue to set small bail bonds, i.e., $500, for first time offenders. Our police agencies work hard to keep these people off our streets only to have them released the next morning for a pittance. We have the smallest DWI bonds of any city our size in the state. What kind of message does that send to our Sheriff’s and police officers after spending so much time and resources trying to keep drunk drivers off of our streets?
    Our judges and the other “powers that be” need to support Mr. Ligon’s efforts by setting bail amounts accordingly. They do seem to set appropriate bail amounts after the fact as in the recent intoxicated manslaughter cases but if you drive drunk and are lucky not to have a horrible accident then you just sort of “get out of jail free”.
    Come on judges. Step up to the plate.

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