February 1, 2023 12:35 pm

Posted: 6.6.2022 20:35


It has been said that persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. That certainly seemed to be the case when the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, the Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and the New Jersey State Police teamed up and worked closely to arrest Fornice Gary Boatner in Liberty County for a Vehicular Homicide case being investigated in the state of New Jersey. This Texas and New Jersey joint investigation began on Saturday, May 28 when LCSO Deputy Joseph Pellegrino was contacted by the dispatcher’s office and advised of a case in which the Houston Police Department was tracking a 2007 silver Dodge Ram for the New Jersey State Police where the driver was being sought for Vehicular Homicide. Through information gained by the Houston Police Department, it was thought the wanted vehicle was at a location near CR 3314 In the north side of the county near Cleveland. Armed with this information, Deputy Pelliegrino along with Sgt. Kenneth Taylor made several runs in that vicinity but was unable to locate the Dodge Ram. Later, Houston Police Sgt. Kang, who was working the Houston end of this investigation for New Jersey contacted the LCSO dispatcher and advised the Dodge Ram was now thought to display paper dealer license plates and had obvious front end damage and a cracked windshield. Follow-up information indicated the truck was now at a residence on CR 3317A also in the Cleveland area. Both Dep. Pelliegrino and Sgt. Taylor then made a run on this new location and did, in fact, find the truck parked at this residence. Contact was made with the residents at this home who told Pelliegrino and Taylor the truck belonged to their son who was in the house and they had been told by their son, Fornice Boatner the front end damage to his truck had been caused by hitting a deer while in Memphis. The parents also said they had sent Boatner money just a few days ago to have the windshield to his truck replaced while in Memphis. While in the process of this interview with Boatner and his parents, Dep. Pellegrino was advised by the dispatcher that Boatner had an outstanding warrant for his arrest from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for a Hit and Run wreck that occurred in 2014. At this point, Boatner was placed under arrest without incident on the basis of the Harris County warrant whereupon Boatner refused to talk further to the deputies. Forice Gary Boatner, DOB 8/01/1990 was placed in the Liberty County Jail on the Harris County warrant and also held for the New Jersey State Police. This persistence and joint coordination between the LCSO Patrol Investigators and dispatchers, Houston Police Department Detective, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and the New Jersey State Police resulted in a felony offender being taken off the streets within a matter of two days. Details of the New Jersey Vehicular Homicide case are not available but will be followed up by that agency.