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police question family after baby found wandering the streets

photoJust after 2 p.m. Wednesday Jackie Field’s was in her Patton Village home when she heard the normally locked front door open. When she looked down the hallway she saw a barefoot little girl in the living room playing with the Fields family toys. As she approached, the little girl said she was looking for her mother.

Fields went to her next-door neighbor Sheri Maddux who was watching a movie with her son. Fields asked if she had a daughter which Maddux confirmed she did. Fields then told her what had happened but when Maddux checked on her daughter she was there.

Next, they called 911 and Patton Village Police responded. Within minutes multiple units arrived and started going door to door attempting to find the mother.

The 3-year-old child told police her mother was walking. Police immediately became concerned something may have happened to the mother.

Just before 5 pm with no mother located CPS was alerted and responded to the scene taking custody of the child.

At 5 pm MCPR posted the photo and sent it to the Houston television stations. Within minutes Facebook was lighting up with the child’s name. In addition, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office call center began receiving multiple calls.

When given the name Patton Village Police responded to that location but that woman had her child. That child looked very much like the child found.  Within minutes multiple other reports came in with the same name but then readers began with another name.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the location of a woman claiming to be the grandmother. After talking with them they discovered the mother indeed had the same name and also had gone by what they believed was a married name. The mother was not the same that police first contacted.

Patrol units went to The Oaks of Patton Village Apartments which were approximately 100 yards from where the child was found. There they found the mother and father. Both were taken to Patton Village Police Department for interviews.

The family reported the mother was at work and the baby was left with the child’s father. The father left earlier in the day and put the baby in the care of a 10-year-old child in the house. It was unclear why the child never notified anyone the baby was missing.

Patton Village Police could not confirm the details as the case is still under investigation and will be referred to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office for possible child endangerment charges.

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