Police: Suspect was drinking, driving, disregarding emergency vehicles

EAST MONTGOMERY COUNTY- A New Caney man was jailed early Saturday after witnesses say his driving while passing an accident scene attracted the attention of law enforcement. The scene was on the feeder road of northbound Highway 59, where an SUV rolled multiple times sending the passenger to the hospital and the driver to jail on multiple charges, including driving while intoxicated.

Police, firefighters and wrecker drivers were in the process of clearing the scene and removing the heavily damaged vehicle from a deep ditch when a sedan traveling at a high rate of speed approached them in the main lanes of northbound Highway 59.

Pedestrians including law enforcement, firefighters and others, said the sedan was swerving and narrowly missed two groups of people who were what should have been a safe distance from the lane of traffic. The car then swerved to avoid striking a New Caney Fire truck, which remained on the accident scene to provide lighting for law enforcement. Stunned witnesses watched the vehicle continue northbound over the FM 1485 overpass, still swerving, with other vehicles swerving to avoid a collision.

Officers with the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office were on the scene and witnessed the incident first-hand. Two of the MCSO units left the accident scene to pursue the impaired driver.

The deputies found and stopped a 2006 Hyundai believed to be the suspect’s a little south of Highway 242. Inside, they allegedly found an open alcohol container, a crack pipe and other contraband.

The driver, 20-year-old Thomas Bryan Davis of New Caney, was charged with driving while intoxicated / open alcohol container. He will turn 21 on Feb. 20.
Bond was set at $1,500. Other charges may be pending.

Davis has multiple drug related priors. He was sentenced to 9 months probation for a drug possession conviction in August 2006, and was soon arrested again, resulting in a 60-day stay in the Harris County Jail in March 2007.

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