Monday, May 20, 2024


Precinct One Constables Marine Division made an unusual rescue this week. After several calls of a pelican in distress they loaded up and headed out to one of Lake Conroe islands. After a short search they found a  pelican who indeed seemed in distress.

As they approached it tried to swim away, however Lt. Bryan DuBose and his crew  were able to rope it from the side of the boat and get it to them. That is when they discovered that it had a fishing line complete with weight around it’s leg and through it’s bill.

A member of a local animal rescue who was with them took custody of the pelican and it was taken to their facility.

Today an A&M Vet was at the center and treated the bird. He advised the bill should be fine on it’s own. Even though he was able to stand his leg was infected and a huge hole under his wing had to be cleaned and packed with an antibiotic. It will be sutured at a later date. The bird have a heavy mite infestation which it was bathed and treated for. There were no broken bones, no torn ligaments.

Starting Saturday they will start force feeding the pelican with small fish and continue the antibiotics.

The vet advised as long as it eats it should be fine.

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