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Precious relics of Texas history stolen from Heritage Museum

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) — Filled with precious relics of Texas history, The Heritage Museum in Conroe showcases what our forefathers used at work and at home centuries ago.

You can find an antique typewriter, scale and cash register inside the museum.

But, the museum only has pictures of some items now.

A two-man cross saw, two branding poles, a corn shuck and a fryer were all stolen last week.

Executive Director Sally Copley said, “It’s very sad. That’s history and if they are going to take it and melt it down, shame on them.”

Museum officials said the items were left outside under this pavilion for Pioneer Camp that day and are considered priceless because they can’t be replaced.

Board President Joe Kolb added, “It’s a legacy. It’s fascinating that people in another era 100, 200 years ago actually had the technology that they did and much of that technology today comes from what they laid the groundwork for.”

Officials hope the items turn up at a pawn shop and can make its way back to the museum. Every item stolen is marked with a special serial number.

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