October 7, 2022 1:04 pm

Posted: 17.9.2020 2:42


At about 1:15 am a DPS Trooper attempted to stop a blue Nissan which was southbound on I-69 approaching SH 99. The driver cut across the median to the feeder and ran south to FM 1314 where he ran over several curbs throwing sparks. He then turned to the northbound feeder and fled at speeds to 90 miles per hour. When they reached FM 1485 the driver went east to Loop 494 and then south to FM 1485. At FM 1485 he attempted to go east by cutting through the Cue Club parking lot and crashed into the guardrail next to the tracks. A male driver and passenger fled on foot. A female passenger remained in the vehicle. One of the suspects running north was quickly stopped when a wrecker driver assisted the Trooper, who was in a foot chase with the suspect. in taking that suspect down,  The other male ran down Lodge Road and him to was stopped when a wrecker driver-assisted a Precinct 4 Deputy in taking him down. All three were transported to Kingwood Hospital with facial injuries from the crash. Both males had open warrants. The driver was wanted for a previous evading charge and the other male was wanted on drug charges. DPS was assisted by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Precinct 4 Constables.

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