Saturday, September 23, 2023


Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Conroe Police and Montgomery Police just finished a pursuit of a reported stolen vehicle from East Montgomery County . The vehicle was spotted and drivers started calling in on it in the Cut and Shoot area. OnStar then notified police of the vehicles location. Conroe Police spotted the vehicle near Sapp and SH 105 just after 5:30pm. When they attempted to stop the vehicle it started driving on the wrong side of the road at speeds up to 100mph. The vehicle was involved in a crash at Sapp Road, another at McCelob Road  and another at SH 149 and SH 105 in the city of Montgomery. The car finally turned into Montgomery High School and was boxed in. There were no injuries. At this time a 12-year-old driver is in custody. The 7-year-old in the vehicle is awaiting a family member to take custody. According to police the childrens grandmother called Onstar when she saw the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze was missing from the driveway. She imnitially feared a kidnapping. The children were turned over to the grandmother. The County Attorney is looking at the case to determine charges on the juvenile.


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  1. I agree really66

    Has anyone not even realizes the lives that these police officers put into jeopardy by pursuing this car. Speeds over 100 mph in the wrong direction. California changed there pursuit laws b/c of this crap. Insaw one CPD officer blow thru a red light at over 80mph. What if he hit someone ? Then it would have been that little girls fault everyone would say. When actually the cops should have backed off and used OnStar for its location. Not put innocent lives at risk

  2. So an out of control pre-teen who endangered the life of her sibling, endangered the lives of everyone on the road, and knowingly broke the law, is the cops fault? At speeds of 100 mph, if you can tell what the driver is then you must have special powers or something. I would be furious if I found out there was a criminal driving 100 mph, smashing into cars and the cops were doing nothing. That child needs a juvenile detention center, a belt to the butt, and a lot of community service NOT a hug! Your thought processes are ludicrous and typical of the parenting problem going on today.

  3. OMG! You cannot tell me that NO ONE notice a child was driving!!! I respect the officers, but this one could have ended worse than the one that happened a few weeks ago!!! I believe someone needs to rethink these ‘chases’ because if that child or an officer hits my car with my family in it, someone will pay, both that person they are chasing and the police dept!!!!!! Just my personal opinion! Thank goodness everyone is ok, and that child (12 yr old) needs a huge hug and a huge punishment!!!!

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