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Recovery Training in Magnolia

Montgomery County Auto Theft had a report of a possible stolen vehicle in a lake in the Wood Trace area of Montgomery. Monday morning, with the help of DPS, they searched the lake and found nothing.

All was not lost, however. DPS and Montgomery County Auto Theft Division turned the hunt into a joint training exercise.

There is only one DPS Dive Team in Texas. It consists of ten DPS Troopers who work patrol unless needed for their Dive Team duties. The troopers respond from the cities they normally work in, including Pearland, Texas City, Hondo, Dilley, and many other areas of the state. Last year, they responded to 18 scenes and in total, were on dive duty for over 160 days.

Their boats are equipped for searching the bottom of lakes with sonar and air lines to supply divers as they work the at bottom of murky water.

Montgomery County Auto Theft has one boat they are able to use for diving operations with respective resources available as needed.

After the search for the vehicle, divers suited up and covered the heavily weeded bottom of the lake. They found logs, hacksaw, tires and numerous small objects. One trooper stood guard, watching for alligators. There were alligator tracks coming out of the water and knowledge that one had been released into the lake in 2012.

Knowing what resources and services departments have available can be helpful in a time of need.



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