“Red Ribbon Week” October 23rd, 2020 thru October 31st, 2020

We must continue this fight against illegal drugs in our communities and Country.  Many smart and good people who could have been productive citizens have ruined their lives and died due to drug addiction.  It seems as though we have fought this epidemic for years; looking back and remembering: “DARE”- Drug Abuse Resistance Education, “Say NO to Drugs”, “War on Drugs”, and “Red Ribbon Day”- which was sadly started due to DEA Agent Enrique “KiKi” Camarena who lost his life in (1985) fighting to end illegal drugs being brought into this Country and transported around the United States.  Agent Camarena is always and will be forever remembered in October of every year (week of October 23th- 31st).

Citizens are asked to join law enforcement and recognized “KiKi” for his dedication and diligent efforts of fighting to prevent illegal drugs from getting on our streets and in our neighborhoods.

Citizens Encouraged to Report Possible Illegal Drug Peddlers 


CPD Officers have been busy tracking down illegal drug peddlers in our community; many spouses, parents, and family members have said, “They are tired of their children, and family members getting hooked on toxic illegal drugs”.


Once hooked many drug abusers become sick, and addicted to dangerous drugs and illegal substances.  Some abusers will do whatever it takes to get that “next fix”.  Officers are seeing and seizing more street-level illegal drugs such as Marihuana, “Meth”-Methamphetamine, “Crack-Rock”- Cocaine, and “Black Tar”- Heroin.


Many peddlers can legally obtain prescription medication from a pharmacy for personal use, but officers are finding out, “that many people will sale their medications for profit”.  Pills such as Xanax- “bars”, Soma’s-Carisoprodol, and Hydrocodone, Oxycodone-opioids, are being sold at an alarming rate.  The mind-set of many peddlers who “deal pills” illegally is; “if they are stopped by law enforcement they have a valid prescription for the (pills) medication”.


It is still a large scale problem around the world that we must continue to address and attack as citizens and law enforcement.  Communication and working together we feel we can make a difference. CPD supports this year’s “National Red Ribbon Week Campaign” their slogan:


                                                “Be Happy,  Be Brave,  Be Drug-Free” !