report a pot-hole

TXDOT’s statewide "Report a Pothole" program launched October 1st.
Now, reporting road problems are just a click or call away.

TXDOT spokesperson, Bob Colwell, said, "They can go onto our website at and there’s a link there that says report a pothole or they can call us."

Driver, Raymond Walker, said, "It’s real bumpy. There are certain spots that are real rough that I feel need to be repaired."

Spots like FM 2818, south of Villa Maria, needed resurfacing.

"The main roads that need to be repaired and fixed are the highways, roadways…that people actually travel," said Amber Ellis.

"Since its been launched here in the Bryan district, we’ve had about ten, reports," said Colwell.

The Bryan district includes ten different counties and that’s a lot of roadway.
Some say they’re already seeing an improvement.

"There’s not a lot of potholes in the area, and if there are, I noticed that they do get fixed fairly quickly," said Rogers.

Cooper added, "They’re pretty good. Most of the highways are, I mean, they need some work on Independence Avenue."

"{The program} is just state maintained roadways, which would be state highways, interstates, FM roads," reminded Colwell.

If your issue is out in the county, or within the city limits, like a pothole on Carter Creek Parkway, you can still make a report and TXDOT will get it to the right people.

Colwell said, "We believe that our systems are safe, but if there’s a problem out there, then we want to go look at it and see if we can correct it."

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  1. suadee

    actually, there is a pot hole right there as well that needs to be fixed…i feel like i’m going to bust a tire every time I go to turn there.

    Kingwood Place Drive at Northpark Dr.

  2. suadee

    I don’t have a pot hole to report, but i know a place in Kingwood that seriously needs “DO NOT ENTER” and “WRONG WAY” signs before someone gets killed.

    I lost count of the number of times I was going down this road and came face to face with an on coming car that was going THE WRONG way.

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