Just after 2am MCHD responded to a reported major accident at Hill and Dale and First Street in the Patton Village area. MCSO arrived on the scene and found Fernando Garcia Vazquez, 55, of 17135 Crossroads in Splendora had left a club on Richey Road in Houston and almost made it home. The issue was he became stuck on a rock pile in a new construction area at the location. Vazquez was arrested and charged with DWI 3rd or more.

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  1. Michael

    Texas needs to get A LOT tougher on DWI offenses… there’s no excuse for letting someone repeat-offend again and again and again until they outright kill someone! Our laws on DWI clearly lack any real teeth.

  2. bbarr

    It’s not gonna improve ….especially in today’s PC climate ….authorities and politicians are scared of losing their positions of power because of emboldened special interest groups and their willing accomplices In the media. About all you can do is move . And then move again. And then again . Etc. etc.

    1. Michael

      It’s not getting any easier to find a decent place to move to…. and a lot of us are just trapped now, in homes we can’t sell. The Colonia’s around Plum Grove are selling liquor at every street corner (and there’s a LOT of streets out there, you have NO IDEA!), even pedal cart vendors have been found selling bottles of beer on the side of the road since Liberty County went Wet earlier this year! And from what I’m reading, the projections are that those Colonia’s will have some 250K new Hispanic residents in the next few years…. this ain’t getting no better, and just cause you don’t live in Plum Grove don’t think this isn’t going to affect YOU too! 🙁

      Don’t get me wrong I have Hispanic friends that are the bestest ever.. but they aren’t like most of the people moving into the Colonia’s. There are a few nice homes out there, but LOTS of trashy run down trailer houses and plywood shacks! The developer is careful to steer reporters and politicians to the streets where his model homes are located, won’t take them thru Montebello, Grand San Jacinto nor Camino Real Colonia’s he created! 😐

  3. whistlebriges

    lots of DUI HISPANICS lately, both male and female, its like they care nothing about the laws of TEXAS, I believe they have very tiny brains, cause they sure act like it. Yank their license, confiscate their vehicle, if illegal, send them home and let them kill their own kind on the road. i love my family members and friends and would hate for any of their lives to end because of their carelessness and stupid actions

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