Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, NMCFD, and the Montgomery County Fire Marshals Office responded to a call Saturday afternoon at a home on Oak Shores Drive. A new tenant was moving into a home that they had just leased. The former occupant had been an avid reloader of ammunition. The new tenants found a box containing powder and several pipes with caps on them. Not knowing the history of the prior resident the contacted law enforcement. The Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office determined the pipes were just that, pipes, and nothing more. They did take the pipes and a large supply of smokeless powder from the ’60s and ’70s.

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  1. DollyHorton

    People leave behind all sorts of things when they move out. The report didnt’ say if the pipes were found lying next to the powder. If they were in a garage or out building, then it’s a non issue. If they were side by side, it might be suspicious.

    I moved into my first house at age 18, a rental house. I found in a closet on a top shelf a very large blue and white topaz brooch in white gold. I thought it was fake at first but kept it as it was pretty. Had it for 30 years before I had it valued. The blue topaz is 28 carats, the white are 1 carat each total of 14. White gold is 12K, which is odd so was told it came from Europe and was quite old. Valued at several thousand dollars. So yeah, people leave behind all sorts of stuff….

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