February 2, 2023 12:55 pm

Posted: 1.1.2013 13:26


The City of Conroe Fire Department was notified of a residential structure fire at the Stone Ridge Apartments, located at 231 I 45 N, at approximately 4:44 am on January 1, 2013.
Conroe Police arrived at approximately 4:46 am and assisted with evacuation of the building. Conroe Firefighters arrived at approximately 4:49 am and reported heavy fire from the northeast attic area of Building 21. The fire was quickly attacked and extinguished, limiting spread primarily to the attic and one downstairs apartment.
The building contained 8 apartment units, 7 of which were occupied. All occupants were able to escape the building and were accounted for. There were no reported injuries to occupants or firefighters. Stone Ridge management was able to relocate all occupants of the fire building to vacant units within the complex.
The fire was reported as under control at approximately 5:40 am. The City of Conroe Fire Department Fire Marshal’s Office has begun investigation of the fire’s origin and cause. Further information pertaining to the investigation will be released as it becomes available.