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RFPD Arrests Squatter In Local Home



ROMAN FOREST — Around 3 p.m. Friday, Officer J. Sieman and Sgt. Jasonis investigated a Criminal Trespass of a Habitation call on Chariot Lane in Roman Forest. A suspect was arrested and charges are being filed on other suspects.



After an investigation, Officers found 3 suspects in the residence, 34-year-old Charles Alvis, and two women. Alvis told investigating officers he and his girlfriend, 28-year-old Sheina Quaid, who was not on location, had been squatting at the residence without the owner’s knowledge or consent since March, but that squatting was legal.

Officers transported Alvis to the Police station and met the other suspect, Sheina Quaid, who claimed to work for a real estate law advising firm, and demanded that Alvis be released. According to Quaid, police had no legal right to hold Alvis. He and Quaid both admitted they knew that living in the residence without consent was wrong but they had no choice; either live there or on the street.

Charles Alvis has an extensive felony criminal history. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office accepted charges of Criminal Trespassing of a Habitation.


Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle said his agency will not tolerate such behavior.

“It is not right for someone to break into an unoccupied house and take possession of that house without consent,” Chief Carlisle said. “I will not allow criminals to enter into homes illegally and claim the urban myth of squatters’ rights to get away with this crime.”

“It is a crime, no matter how you look at it, to break into a home without consent to live there,” he said. “This is no different than someone getting into a vehicle at a car lot and driving away, claiming they now own the vehicle.”

Last year in Liberty County, squatters illegally lived in a soldier’s home while the soldier was deployed in Iraq. The squatters even had a yard sale to sell the soldiers belongings.



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