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RFPD Chief Asks for Parents’ Help After Juvenile Crime Spree

From Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle



EAST MONTGOMERY COUNTY — Only a day after school is let out for summer, five juveniles are being charged with a felony Criminal Mischief to city property in Roman Forest.

On Friday night, June 7, three juveniles from Woodbranch met two other juveniles from Roman Forest and Cleveland at the Roman Forest City Park. They did nearly $2,000 worth of damage to the Burke Pavilion.

The juvenile suspects tore up the doors and toilet to the park’s public restrooms, making them unusable. The youths also damaged several electrical outlets, destroyed a camera, and spread trash throughout the park.

After their felonious activity at the park, they went to Woodbanch and caused even more damage. They then met friends at the park to drive them to a party in the Kings Colony subdivision just outside Roman Forest. The juveniles were intercepted by Patton Village Sgt. Menz just before the party’s location in Kings Colony and forced to call their parents to pick them up.

The large underage alcohol party was busted with approximately 30 underage drinkers that ran into the woods, leaving several vehicles behind to be towed away, including one stolen vehicle.

On Sunday morning, Roman Forest Officer Jason Snipes met with Woodbranch Police and found a connection with Woodbranch’s mailbox criminal mischief and the Roman Forest Criminal Mischief at the park. Officers rounded up the juvenile suspects and met Chief Stephen Carlisle at the Roman Forest Police Department for interviews with the juveniles about the crimes.

Chief Stephen Carlisle said, "With school being out for only one day, I already have five juveniles charged with felony criminal mischief to city property, nearly $2,000 worth of damage to the taxpayers of Roman Forest and the park restrooms being out of order for a while.”

“This doesn’t include the 30 kids that were not caught at the underage drinking party,” Chief Carlisle said. “I’m asking for the parents’ help this summer in preventing further damage to public property, and juvenile activities that could potentially end in tragedy or lives forever changed.”

“Please be responsible and know where your children are, who they are with, and what they are doing,” he said. “They could end up in a vehicle with a drunk behind the wheel and kill themselves or others."





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