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Is the “person of interest” in the brutal murder of a Shepherd postal worker captured or still on the loose? SJCSO isn’t answering one way or the other.

For the past several days, the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office has asked for the public’s help in locating James Ham as a person of interest in the death of mail carrier Marie Youngblood, whose body was found Friday after someone reported seeing her burning vehicle.

From the beginning, we have tried to keep the public informed and help law enforcement by spreading the word, hopefully leading to Ham’s arrest.

Just after midnight, MCPR began receiving messages that the suspect had been captured on Snow Hill Road, which is near where Ms. Youngblood was found.

We had no official information, so we have tried to determine whether the capture was a rumor or fact. We have called the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office several times, and are being told by dispatchers they cannot confirm this information.

San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office dispatchers are only telling the media to call back Monday when someone is in the office.

We will continue to attempt to confirm his capture.

Some television stations are reporting Ham is in custody, but until we have official confirmation, we will not post that information.

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  1. San Jacinto a joke.this man has been wanted for murder and they are telling the media too call back on Monday. Whatever. Sounds like the feds and rangers need to stick around

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