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Posted: 21.4.2015 21:38

Bomb Threat Prompts School Evacuation

At approximately 10:30 am this morning, an unidentified male subject called the Hardin I.S.D. Administration Building and told an employee that a bomb was in the school building and it would explode in twenty minutes. The caller did not specify if the alleged bomb was in the High School, Junior High School, the Intermediate School or the Elementary School. Administrators immediately began evacuating students and teachers to a safe area outside the four school buildings while the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office was being notified.

Sheriff’s Deputies, area Constables as well as Sheriff Bobby Rader responded to the scene and a Command Center was established near the Intermediate school on CR 2003 North. A routine foot search was begun throughout the four schools while the State’s ATF bomb search dog was in route to the scene. After the arrival of the search dog a further search was conducted of all four schools with no type of explosive device located. The High School was cleared and students returned to classes at approximately 12:35pm and the Junior High and Intermediate Schools were cleared at approximately 1:10pm and students were allowed to return to class. Last to be cleared by the search dog was the Elementary School at approximately 1:35pm again, with no explosive device found.

School officials reported that 1,304 students were involved in the evacuation which went well with no injuries nor confusion other than the school schedule being disrupted. The Administration staff ask that parents not respond to the schools to pick their children up early because all students and teachers were safe and the school buildings had been carefully cleared to be reoccupied.

The investigation is continuing in a effort to trace and isolate the source of the telephone call and identify the person who made the bomb threat call.

Anyone having any information regarding this offense is urged to call the Sheriff’s Department at (936) 336-4500 and report their information or to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-392-7867 with the information where your identity will be kept confidential and a cash reward given upon the arrest of the individual responsible.


From the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office

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