At daybreak, this morning the search for the victims of Friday’s Lake Conroe drowning started again. Precinct 1 Constables and Game Wardens continue to work in the area east of Ayers Island where it is believed they went down. Initially, Friday was a much smaller and shallower area but after additional interviews, the search grid was expanded that included water almost fifty feet deep. Constables and Game Wardens are using side-scan sonar which covers an area about 120-feet wide on each pass. From the years on the lake, they pretty much know what lies on the bottom and where. Such as an old paddlewheel boat, bulldozers from when the lake was built, an old bridge, and a boat sunk in 1998 after a crash. There are also many tires fishermen have dropped to fish around on area has so many that it is labeled the doughnut hole. Still, at times something will pop up on the screen that deems being checked. The diver was put in the water last night on what looked to be a promising target only to find a ten-foot log. The deeper the water the less effective the sonar is especially with the soft silty bottom of the lake. The search will continue until both victims recovered. Lake Conroe last year was the second most deadly lake in Texas with just one drowning less than Lake Travis in Austin. This year the number is already at four. Most of these could have been prevented if the victims had been wearing life vests.

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