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Second Arrest in Street Racing Death of Woodlands Teen

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX- A second arrest was made Wednesday in the February 21 street racing death of a Woodlands teen on I-45 near Crighton Road.  Mitchell Myles Willis, 19, was one of three young friends on the freeway that night, on motorcycles built for speed. Witnesses reported the trio was racing southbound on the main lanes when the crash occurred.

Witnesses were stopped on the inside shoulder because their vehicle had broken down. They said the bikes “zipped” past them at a high rate of speed and appeared to be racing. The Complaint states, “One of the bikes came very close to them on the shoulder before slowing and returning to the lane.” That bike was operated by Guillermo Cabrerra.

It goes on to explain the other bike’s operator, Mitchell Willis, didn’t see the bike returned to the lane “until it was too late.” When Willis saw Cabrerra in his path and having slowed down, investigators say he applied the brakes. Unfortunately, still at a high rate of speed and braking hard at the last second caused Willis’s bike to “wheelie” before colliding with Cabrerra’s bike.

“The high-speed impact sent the units and operators airborne according to the witnesses and they slid down the roadway,” the Complaint states.  It explains there was a third operator, Tyler Lesiuczok, who wasn’t part of the crash. The Complaint states he left and then returned. It does not explain whether he was ahead of his friends at the time of the crash and may not have seen it.  The Complaint states Lesiuczok told investigating officers on the scene that he had been riding with the two who crashed.

Medics transported Cabrerra and Willis to the HCA Conroe Emergency Room. Willis was critically injured and unconscious, but Cabrerra was awake and communicating. The Complaint says Cabrerra didn’t remember the crash, but said he and Willis liked to go on “joy rides” on their motorcycles.

According to the Complaint, Willis was intubated and placed in the Intensive Care Unit, unresponsive. He never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead a little more than 24 hours after the crash.

A tow truck driver found a Go Pro camera in the crash debris and turned it over to Conroe Police. A search warrant allowed investigators to download the footage, which showed Willis was wearing the camera. Unfortunately for the two surviving operators, Police say the footage shows all three were being reckless and sometimes reached speeds which “exceeded 170 miles per hour”. It shows them alternately taking the lead. The Complaint says at the time of impact, “Cabrerra is performing a “leap” and can be seen passing Willis and Lesiuczok”.  It says Willis and Lesiuczok went into a position described as a “crunched posture” and then it says they began to accelerate. The Go Pro camera captured the speed of Willis’s bike at a speed in excess of 160 mph when the front wheel goes up in a “wheelie” type stunt, and then begins to lower. The Complaint is unclear as to whether the “wheelie” just before impact was, in fact, a stunt or was the result of braking as stated earlier in the report. The Complaint says Cabrerra is seen looking back at Willis just prior to the impact that occurred at over 150 mph, ejecting both operators. They were both wearing their helmets, but the impact was so extreme, their helmets came off.

The debris field was over 800 feet. To put that in perspective, an NFL football field is only 360 feet long.

The Complaint states Guillermo Cabrerra tried to “outgain” another vehicle (both Suzuki motorcycles) and as a result, “Mitchell Willis suffered death”. It goes on to refer to the bikes as deadly weapons.

Guillermo Cabrerra, 17 is charged with second-degree felony Racing on Highway Causing Serious Bodily Injury.  His bond was set at $70,000. He was arrested November 20 and released on bond November 21.

Tyler Lee Lesiuczok, 18, is charged with second-degree felony Racing on Highway Causing Serious Bodily Injury.  His bond was also set at $70,000. He was arrested on Tuesday and released on bond Wednesday.





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