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Shenandoah Honors Top Cops


On Wednesday, June 18, 2014, the City of Shenandoah hosted its annual employee appreciation and awards dinner at Main Event Entertainment. The following Shenandoah Police Department staff members received recognition for their outstanding performance


Officer of the Year – Officer Jake Reuvers

Jake has been an outstanding performer from day one. Jake has an infectious positive attitude and an eagerness to constantly seek new challenges and find ways to improve not only his own performance, but that of the entire department. Jake has established positive relationships with the community and his fellow officers to the degree that he is regularly called upon to handle complex problems. Jake is a natural leader with a bright future.


Leadership – Detective Raymond Shaw

Raymond demonstrates the true qualities of leadership in every aspect of his performance. Through his professional investigative efforts, excellent firearms training programs, and, most recently, assisting in managing a critical incident resulting in the arrests of three dangerous felons – Raymond exemplifies the Shenandoah PD brand of leadership.


Leadership – Sergeant Mark Brockhoeft

Mark has long been an informal leader in our agency and, since his promotion to Sergeant, he has shined as an outstanding first-line supervisor. Mark leads by example and pushed his officers to keep up with his own work product, never shying away from making proactive enforcement stops and taking bad guys off the street. Most recently Mark assisted in managing a critical incident resulting in the arrests of three dangerous felons – Mark is a leader in every sense of the word.


Leadership – Community Resource Officer Mike Bledsoe

This is the second leadership award for Mike Bledsoe. Apart from performing his regular duties in an exemplary manner, Mike took it upon himself to lead a small group of officers through a complete revision of our Field Training process. Through countless hours of work, Mike and his team developed a new FTO model which has been extremely well received by both our existing staff and our newest FTO program graduate – Mike is to be commended for his leadership.

Leadership – Sergeant Gary Sharpen

Gary is a long-standing institution of sorts in the police department. Gary consistently exhibits a “can-do” attitude and is relied upon to find new and creative solutions to service –oriented issues. Gary is a valued member of the supervision team and is the agency’s “go-to” guy for getting things done – Gary is and has been one of our best Leaders

Law Enforcement Excellence – Officer John Ferrand

John is a well respected and well experienced officer. John has established countless positive relationships within our community and takes initiative, regularly, to improve and innovate our service delivery. Recently, John was honored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for his efforts to keep our roadways safe from those under the influence of alcohol and drugs – John represents law enforcement excellence.


Law Enforcement Excellence – Officer Earl Lucas

Earl has been an asset to the department since day one. He is a consummate professional who displays a “get-it-done” attitude towards everything that he does. As a new Field Training Officer, Earl exemplifies the best among us and is an excellent example for the new officers under his charge to follow. Earl demonstrated outstanding dedication and courage recently during the apprehension of three dangerous felons – Lucas represents law enforcement excellence.


Law Enforcement Excellence – Officer Cedric McDuffie

Cedric is the newest member of our team and possess the kind of positive attitude that makes everyone around him happy to serve by his side. From day one, Cedric has demonstrated the maturity and confidence of a professional officer, traits which came in very handy during his involvement of the recent apprehension of three dangerous felons – Cedric represents law enforcement excellence.


Law Enforcement Excellence – Officer Jeremy Thompson

Jeremy displays a consistent friendly demeanor and is always willing to help wherever and whenever he is needed. Jeremy has been initiated several proactive investigations in the past few months and, most recently, was involved in the apprehension of three dangerous felons – Jeremy represents law enforcement excellence.

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