From the Shenandoah Police Department

February 13, 2009

Beginning Saturday March 7th, the Shenandoah Police Department, in conjunction with the City of Shenandoah Municipal Court, will be participating in a statewide warrant roundup. More than 200 law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Texas will be sending officers and deputies out to arrest persons who have failed to pay their fines and/or appear before the court.

The Shenandoah Police Department will be doubling staffing levels during March to ensure that every effort is made to serve active City of Shenandoah municipal warrants. To avoid the embarrassment, expense, and inconvenience of being arrested and placed into the Montgomery County Jail, you are strongly encouraged to contact the City of Shenandoah Municipal Court immediately at (281) 419-9886 in order to make arrangements to pay your fine or set a court date to contest your citation.

If you have received a citation from the Shenandoah Police Department and are unsure if you have an outstanding warrant for your arrest, please contact the City of Shenandoah Municipal Court, or come by 29955 Interstate 45 North, Shenandoah, Texas 77381, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm to speak with Court staff.

Don’t take the risk! Our officers are working early, staying late, and traveling all over the state just to find you. If you have a warrant and want to avoid jail time, make arrangements with the Shenandoah Municipal Court now! Our Court staff is willing to work with you to clear up your outstanding fines. Take advantage of this event to get on the right side of the law. Don’t lie awake wondering if tomorrow it will be your turn to experience the backseat of a patrol car.