Monday, June 5, 2023


At 3:15p.m. Tuesday afternoon Wendy Dawn Rigby, was driving her Camaro north bound on US 59 at the Liberty/San Jacinto County line. As she slowed down to turn into a private business the 18-wheeler running in the left lane next to her slowed also.

That is when Jared Nathaniel Fletcher, 25, of Shepherd who was behind the 18-wheeler on his 2009 Kawasaki motorcycle changed lanes and slammed into the rear of the Camaro.

Fletcher died at the scene..

DPS Troopers McKellar, Stanton, Hatton, Barnes, Chenard and Sgt. Guscafson investigated the crash.

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  1. Nat, I am the investigator for the law firm that represents the family of the man killed in this accident. Please call me at 281-356-9090 as I would like to arrange to get a copy of the video you have. Thanks.

  2. Nat I’m with the family please call us at 936-933-3259, ask for brandon Herridge we would love video of jared. We are putting a video and picture memorial together for his funeral on monday.

  3. nat, this happen north of Cleveland on 59 in front of Joy Juice. What does the video show ‘minutes before the accident’? Is it the video from JJ or your personal video?

  4. I am the mother of his child, I would like to see what you have….this is still a shOck to me. Not sure if this is the best thing to see but I want anything you might have

    Thank you

  5. Motorcycle Safety Courses are a wonderful thing but they do not give the skills you get from experience.

    My condolences go out to this family.
    RIP Jared

  6. To my brother and best friend words cannot explain how I sad I am! You have filled my life with nothing but love and joy and it was worth everything. I have so many things that I need to tell you but at the sametime I know you can “BT” me.Heavenly father please give my little brother the wings he deserves and make sure that his wings are big enough to comfort all in Jesus name “AMEN” WE LOVE YOU BUB, Jake,Lacy and the boys

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