TXDOT has started re-topping  the curve at FM 1485 and Firetower this morning. A layer of asphalt is being put down and the bank on the curve is going to be raised. In addition the shoulder will be widened When that is complete a sealer will be used to stop the oils from seeping out of the asphalt.  New signs will be placed and the road will then be topped with chipseal, a coarse material to give tires better contact with the road.

Currently FM 1485 is down to one lane and being controlled by a flag man. The problem is vehicles are not slowing through the area. Vehicles are speeding by the workers at posted and above posted speed limits.

This past weekend a construction worker was killed in Houston as a drunk sped through the construction zone.


5 thoughts on “slow down and let txdot make 1485 safer”
  1. I think while they are making changes to the curve it would be smart to put a barrier in between the 2 lanes so if there is an accident it would prevent it being a head on collision with another car. But all of 1485 in this area is dangerous. People do not do the speed limit and they pass on the shoulder not paying attention to which way the person slowing down is turning. I also think a Light at Gene Campbell and 1485 would be a good investment. I do not know how many times I have had to slam on the brakes because cars and 18 wheelers pull out in front of traffic coming on 1485.

  2. Thank God they r fixing the curve. Alan – Its not a hairpin curve, but it has always been deadly. And if people won’t slow down they should get the law out there and make them slow down. Everyone is in such a hurry. And TxDot just out there doing what the community ask for and needed to save our lives. Thanks Scott for bringing this up and gettin their attention to get it fixed

  3. I realize there are quite a few accidents on that curve, but it doesn’t look that bad. I’ve never been on it personally. It looks like a long sweeping curve, not a hairpin.

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