Before Monday Splendora Police have spent over 40 hours wrapping donated gifts for 300 pre-registered children in the City of Splendora and the surrounding community.  Those hours may increase now after Monday’s shopping spree. Splendora Police along with the Splendora High School Clay Shoot Team met at the New Caney Academy after Academy offered a $5000 shopping spree to help meet the goal of the 300 children. Who else knows better to shop for kids, but kids. For over an hour they worked off wish lists, some very vague such as something for an 8-year-old. By the time they finished the officers and Clay Shoot team made it to the resisters it was evident they had shopped wisely and the 300 goal was going to be made.  to check out and head out to load Splendora Police Department Mobile Command Unit, “THE BEAST”. Not everything would fit and an additional two pickups were needed. Splendora Chief Wally Wieghat wants to thank Academy for the donation to help these needy children.


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