October 1, 2022 5:44 am

Posted: 25.12.2009 19:47

SMC Christmas Eve kidnapping

From The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office:Around 11 a.m. on Christmas Eve, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office regarding a female that was found on the side of IH-45 just inside Harris County at approximately 10:30 a.m. The information received indicated the victim was dropped off on the side of IH-45 after she was taken from the parking lot of Molly’s Pub, located in the South Montgomery County area.

The initial investigation revealed that around 2 a.m., the victim was leaving the location and as she was getting into her vehicle, a male suspect came up behind her and forced her into her vehicle. The suspect then assaulted the victim by placing his hands around her neck causing her to blackout.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Persons Crimes Detectives have initiated an ongoing investigation into this incident.