Social Media Post Could Pose Threat to Law Enforcement

MCTXSheriff wants to ask that citizens in the area of the manhunt for Roderick Bowers at the Harmony Park Apartments to remain in their homes as we continue a lengthy search for this suspect wanted for multiple felony charges including homicide.

As police are going from door to door in the area, multiple residents have been observed video recording the activity from their windows and posting the search on social media. We urge the public to refrain from posting these photos or videos as they may provide the suspect with information about where we are looking and help him elude the search. This also poses a threat to the Law Enforcement Officers involved in the search as this could give the suspect a tactical advantage by seeing live video of the search.

Thank you for your patience as we work diligently to ensure the residents and law enforcement on scene remain safe.

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  1. Michael

    Yeah this makes just too much sense people…. take pics or video if you wish, but refrain from posting anything until AFTER the search for suspect is completely over! Otherwise you are aiding and abetting a fugitive, IMHO. Why would you want to do that?

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