Just after noon today with traffic backed up on SH 242 for the fatality accident, one person in a four wheel drive vehicle decided it was easier to go around the scene instead of using the roadways. This vehicle crossed the dirt lot on the corner of SH 242 and FM 1314 and proceeded along the tree line westbound.

The rains were no match for the truck as it became bogged down. For the next five hours investigators, wrecker drivers and bystanders watched as attempts were made to use another truck to tow it out, that truck then joined in as the second truck stuck. Winches were tried and still nothing.

As crews reopened the roadway the owners were still trying to get their truck unstuck but were able to free the jeep.


  1. It’s funny how ppl wanna sit here and run there mouth and talk about stuff they know nothing about the guy in the jeep buried his vehicle and had his family with him and the guy in the truck showed up to help because nobody else would and he got them both out useing his winch that’s what is wrong with the world today people like y’all that wanna just sit there and not help others when they need it and run there mouths about it but I bet each and every one of y’all would want somebody to stop and help y’all if that was you stuck.

  2. Macho”wanna be”idiots……. Only thing worse is dealing with them trying to run everyone over during the morning commute to work.

  3. Ho ho. Hee hee. Nyuck nyuck nyuck. Whata buncha jackasses. I feel no shame in waving my shadenfreude flag over the inconvience and expense these chumps suffered by being impatient. The only thing that would brighten my glee is if they were worried about being tardy to an event that when they finally did get there in muddy shoes that Burnice was putting the chairs on the tables. Great entertainment for all those other people stuck in traffic. Too bad the trucks cat didn’t overheat and send the whole shebang up like a Roman candle.

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