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Spring woman needed emergency surgery after neighbor’s dog attack her in her driveway

SPRING, Texas (KTRK) — A Spring mother is recovering after a terrifying dog attack in her own driveway.

She says her next-door neighbor’s dog was so vicious, it ruptured her artery, sending her to the hospital for emergency surgery.

That dog has since been euthanized.

“Nobody was coming to help me,” Irene Cornish said. “I was going to be dead. My life just flashed before my eyes. I thought, ‘Oh my God, what did I do to this dog?'”

She was attacked by her neighbor’s dog, named Ghost, just after getting out of her car in her driveway on Raestone Street in Spring on March 11.

“It was like a horror scene from the worst Halloween movie I could ever think of,” she said.

She said Ghost had attacked her pit bull last year.

Since then, her son, who broke his finger during the dogfight, has been carrying a longboard around the neighborhood.

“Given time and with my mom’s worry and the dog attacking another dog across the street, we could tell it was vicious and bound to happen to somebody,” her son Stephen Cornish said.

Thankfully, she has friends and family to help, and a whole class of students for support.

It’ll likely be weeks before she’s able to return to her job as a pre-K teacher at Kids R Kids Academy.

As for her neighbor, he said he’s sorry about the attack and is willing to pay medical bills.

He says he rescued the dog from a cruel living situation, and after consulting with friends, he put down the dog after the attack.

“Just thinking about it, I thank my lucky stars and my God,” she said.

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