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Montgomery County Grand Jury Indicts State Rep, Several Attorneys

On March 8 the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office Public Integrity Division contacted Texas Ranger Wende Wakeman was about a tip that was received in the District Attorney’s Office. The tipster reported information about an employee of  Robert Valdez Sr., who was in the Montgomery County Jail at the time on a Blue Warrant issued by the Texas Department of Pardons and Parole. The warrant was issued after Valdez allegedly assaulted his son on February 24.

According to the tipster, Valdez employed this person at their Montgomery County home. Their job was to log onto the Houston Police Department’s website and download and print accident reports at $7.50 each. The reports contained contact information for both parties involved in the accident. After printing, the employee then attempted to contact the persons who were not found to be at fault according to the downloaded accident reports.

According to court documents, the employee would search by looking up hundreds of streets and freeways in the City of Houston. The accidents were then recorded in a log for the search done over just a day or so prior. The person printed at least 25 to 30 accident reports per day. At Valdez’s instruction, the employee gave the “not at fault” persons the following sales pitch:

“Hello, is (person on report) there, my name is (employee), I am calling in reference to the accident you were in on (date and street from accident report). I received your police report across my desk, it shows you were in the right in this accident. Have you spoken with your lawyer?”

If the person answered yes the employee would tell them they were simply calling to let them know their police report was ready. If the answer was no, the employee would say the following:

“I am an appointment setter for 12 different law firms in Houston. Because the police report shows that you are in the right, at no charge to you, you are eligible to have a rental car while your car gets fixed and you are eligible to go to the doctor to get checked out. Additionally if you went to an emergency room, your bills will be paid and you can receive a personal injury check from $3000 to $6000. If you are interested all you have to do is set an appointment for one of the law firms to have a representative come out to your home to meet with you.”

If they weren’t interested, the employee would simply hang up. If the person responded with a “yes,” the employee set an appointment with Valdez. The person would then continue the conversation with:

“When they come, they will bring a copy of the police report, and they will go over it with you and explain everything in detail and answer any questions you may have and see if you would like to sign up for representation for the legal services. I think I will send Mr. Valdez to your house; he is very good at this and very experienced. When he comes, he will have a copy of the police report, card with his name, card from the law firm, and will call 30 minutes prior to being there.”

The employee did this daily, until almost 6 p.m., calling 20 to 25 people and had a success rate of about 10 percent of those contacted.

According to court records, Valdez would go to the home and do just as was explained in the phone call.Valdez was very persuasive, and also sent the person to one of the clinics. If the person’s car was drivable, Valdez would suggest a body shop where they could get a rental car. The report states that it was not a standard rental company. If it was not drivable, Valdez would call a wrecker for them.

According to court documents, once Valdez left the person’s home with a signed contract, he would fax it to one of the law firms. He would then go once a week to doctors and attorneys and collect cash payments for his work.

Valdez allegedly referred many of those cases to Texas House District 27 State Representative Ronald  E. Reynolds (D).

One of the persons contacted and visited by Valdez was sent not just to Ronald Reynolds, but also to Greenspoint Health and Injury Clinic, which was partially owned by Reynolds.

Another person who was a passenger in a February 16 crash, was contracted by Ronald Reynolds to sue the driver.

A search warrant was then run on the offices of Ronald E. Reynolds at 5100 Westheimer in Houston. The reason for the search warrant was to gather evidence that constitutes the crime of  Barratry.

The search warrant was executed and computers and document s were seized.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office charged Reynolds last year, after it was determined a chiropractic clinic was persuading patients to sign contracts naming Reynolds as their legal counsel, even before they were examined or even met him.

Reynolds denied the allegations, stating he voted for new laws holding lawyers accountable for barratry and making them more accountable to their clients.

Those charges were dropped after two Harris County Investigators were discovered to have been stealing evidence along with other allegations.

Since Valdez was a resident of Montgomery County, Montgomery County picked up the charge,

A recently passed law allows victims of unlawful solicitations to recover the actual fees and damages. Under the barratry law, a person who never even signed a contract can recover a penalty of $10,000 from the person who committed the barratry.

On Thursday, the Montgomery  County Grand Jury indicted State Representative Ronald E. Reynolds on 10 counts of barratry. Nhan H. Nguyen was indicted on nine counts; Rabie A. Nader was indicted on 1o counts of barratry; and Clyde Miller was indicted on three counts of barratry.

Clyde Miller is associated with Tax Masters.

Nhan H. Nguyen is associated with the Law Offices of Nhan H. Nguyen PC.

Rabie A. Nader is associated with West Loop Law.

Their offices, raided back in March, were also raided by Montgomery County authorities and the Texas Rangers. Also raided were the offices of Darren A. Miller of D. Miller and Associates PLLC; Jerome G. Gottesman of Gottesman Law Firm; Jeffery Michael Nathan of Jeffery M. Nathan P.C.; Ty Alexander Gibson of the Ty A. Gibson; and Associates Law Firm.

It was also determined in court documents that Reynolds gave Valdez an envelope containing at least $1,000 when Valdez visited his office. Jeffery M. Nathan PC allegedly reported $63,000 paid to Valdez in nonemployee compensation checks totaling almost $160,000. Nguyen reported $25,000 in payments to Valdez in their 2012 tax returns.

Robert Valdez, who was also part owner of the raided offices of Greenspoint Health and Injury Center at 256 N. Sam Houston Parkway and Eastex Health and Injury Center at 11939 Eastex Freeway in Houston,  remains in the Montgomery County Jail since March 5 on the Blue warrant.

He is also charged with 13 counts of barratry with no bond and a misdemeanor bond revocation.

Valdez resided at 1106 Granite Pass, a 3582 square foot, four-bedroom, four-bath home, sitting on an acre of land just off South Loop 336 in Conroe.

Anyone who has been contacted in this manner or has additional information regarding this case should contact the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.


Booking photo for State Rep. Ron Reynolds on two counts of barratry into the Montgomery County Jail March 26, 2013.






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