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State Rep’s brother-in-law’s DWI case update

State Representative Brandon Creighton released the following statement regarding his brother-in-law’s arrest for allegedly driving while intoxicated and allowing his friend to “car surf” on top of the vehicle, resulting in the friend being critically injured.

“Although the details of this unfortunate accident have not been fully released, I want to express my deepest sympathies to the Dawson family and to all those affected by this incident. My brother-in-law, Blaze, and Josh Dawson are best and lifelong friends, and my prayers go out to them and their families. Please keep them in your prayers and for a fast and healthy recovery for Josh.”


State Rep. Brandon Creighton’s brother-in-law arrested
“Blaze” is in hot water…
Sept. 5, 2009
originally posted, 7 a.m.

Blaze Anthony Benson, 30, of Conroe was arrested following an alleged “car surfing” incident that critically injured another man overnight. Benson refused a breathalyzer test, but was forced to allow a blood sample because of the “No Refusal” holiday weekend.

Benson is the brother of Fawn Benson Creighton, the wife of State Representative Brandon Creighton.

At 10:54 pm., a Montgomery County Hospital District ambulance responded to Kentucky Oaks Drive off of FM 2854 just west of Conroe City Limits where a 911 caller reported a fall victim.

Medics arrived to find 32-year-old Joshua Dawson lying in the street unconscious, in critical condition with a head injury. PHI Air Medical transported Dawson to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.

Trooper Fredrick with the Texas Department of Public Safety said the preliminary investigation revealed Benson was driving his 2008 Tahoe on Leonidas Horton Drive with Dawson, his wife Erin and Benson’s female friend Jamie Heintz as passengers.

Fredrick said Dawson climbed through the SUV’s sunroof and onto the top of the vehicle where he was “car surfing.” As Benson turned onto Kentucky Oaks, Fredrick said Dawson lost his balance and fell off of the Tahoe, striking his head on the pavement.

Investigators believe the men had been drinking.

Benson was taken into custody and transported to The Woodlands Mall where the BATmobile was stationed for another “No Refusal” weekend. When Benson refused to blow into a breathalyzer, a blood draw warrant was ordered and executed.

He was booked into the Montgomery County Jail at 4:42 a.m. on the charge of intoxicated assault with a vehicle causes serious bodily injury.
Judge Wood set bond at $25,000. Benson was released when that was posted a little after 6 a.m.

Officials with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office said the charge against Benson could be upgraded if Dawson does not survive.

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