Monday, March 20, 2023


An East Montgomery County family has had their truck was stolen from the Big Lots parking lot in Porter. The 1998 Dodge dually which was silver in color was given to them by their father, a Marine Veteran who recently passed away.

The vehicle has a Texas license number of CHP-7823.

Please contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office or call 281-961-4475.

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  1. I may have an answer to you ktbcobra. I wasn’t where these trucks were stolen so don’t know all the situations and I know this isn’t always true about the drivers but I will bet most of these stolen trucks were diesels. Have you ever noticed many of those who drive a diesel pick up believe they should never shut down their engines so leave them running when they make a short stop somewhere? It’s only for a few minutes they say. I really don’t know why they leave them running. Maybe it is so the rest of us will know they are “real” truck drivers who drive a diesel or maybe they just think the rest of us want to listen to their smelly, rattling engines. I remember several years ago one fool tried claimed a diesel uses less fuel while idling for hours than if he shut it down. Find that theory in a physics book. The only valid reason to let them idle is to cool the turbo so the oil won’t coke and then it only needs a few minutes. Just long enough for another fool to steal it when you leave it unattended. That isn’t always necessary either. It depends how it was just driven.

  2. Kids need to stop watching “Gone in 60 Seconds” and click on the reality of the life of a car thief. The show “COPS” will provide a less Hollywoodesque and more clear view I feel.

  3. What is going on In the porter new caney area…how many does this make in The last 2 weeks. A friend was at tractor supply Wednesday and a ladies truck was stolen around 11/12. Broad daylight…maybe the law needs to sit in the lots in unmarked cars just to catch who it is. Sure sounds like that what the crooks are doing. Sitting there all day is a car full of fools just waiting to take the next vehicle

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