February 2, 2023 11:14 am

Posted: 22.12.2011 23:08


Deputies from the Montgomery and Liberty County Sheriff’s Office have been working together to solve a crime where very expensive and antique saddles have been stolen.  The victim in one of these crimes actually saw their stolen property for sale on the internet. 

Armed with the determination to not let these criminals get away with the crime they had committed, the victim utilized knowledge of the Internet and Facebook.  The victim was able to track down the person who was in possession of the stolen saddles and other stolen items.  The victim notified Law Enforcement of what was transpiring.

Deputies from the Montgomery County and Liberty County Sheriff’s Office worked together with the victim and established a meeting with the person in possession of the stolen property under the guise of completing a transaction whereby the victim was going to purchase the stolen property off of F.M. 2090 in Liberty County.  Once the suspect arrived, the only transaction occurring was his detention by authorities.

This investigation remains open and is ongoing.  Sheriff’s Deputies from both counties are continuing to process the evidence collected thus far and the one person in custody is cooperating with them at last report.  At this time the identity of the person detained is not being released.  Further details will follow.