A line of what is believed to be straight-line winds came through the New Caney area of Montgomery County about 9:15 am Wednesday morning. At one location off White Oak and Vick, the top of an oak tree broke off crushing a swimming pool. At the same location, a man who was about to go to work was driving down White Oak when an oak tree fell taking telephone lines, cable lines, and power lines down on top of his truck in the middle of the road. He was not injured and was able to escape his vehicle. Moments late winds tore through the back of Valley Ranch Shopping Center. A large tree for the East Montgomery County Improvement District Halloween Event Tuesday night was picked up and heavily damaged. The winds then crossed I-69 at SH 99. A Stevens Transport Truck which was not loaded was southbound on I-69 when the winds hit. Witnesses said the trailer of the truck went sideways on the left wheels. The driver who was in the left lane feared it would go over into the northbound lanes swerved. That is when the entire truck rolled over closing the freeway. On Loop 494 near Antique, a carport was thrown from one side of the road into the tree line across the street. A roof of a building was ripped off.



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