November 29, 2022 4:26 pm

Posted: 11.10.2013 19:14

stranger danger update

LIBERTY COUNTY, TX.-After two days of very in-depth follow up investigation by several Sheriff Department’s Investigators and intensive interviewing by lead Investigator Sgt. Joel Davila regarding the alleged “Stranger Danger” incident of October 8th, information was developed that events initially reported to responding Deputy Justin Johnston were not as first alleged.

Therefore, this case has been closed by the Sheriff’s Department and no further action will be taken.

Sheriff Bobby Rader had earlier pulled several Investigators off their regular case load to follow up on the many leads called in by citizens who were trying to help as well as directing additional patrol in the vicinity of Hwy. 321 and PR 984. Sheriff Rader extends his appreciation to the citizens who responded to the appeal from the Sheriff’s Department to call in any information they thought might be pertinent as well as to the media outlets for posting the information for the public as quickly as they did.

While this case did not develop as initially reported, Sheriff Rader cautions that such events are, regretfully, taking place daily in our general society and that continued caution should be exercised by both parents and children in recognizing the danger signs of a possible “Stranger Danger” incident. Constant and continued education is always the best defense against such criminal activity.

Again, Sheriff Rader extends his appreciation to the public who called in so many possible leads as well as the media for the assistance in publicizing what, in the preliminary investigative stages, appeared to be quite different than what the follow up investigation revealed.