Back in June, 2012 young Colton Berckenhoff was killed in a tragic accident in Porter, Texas. His Dean Berckenhoff and his father’s fiancé Monica made the tough decision to donate his organs. The recipient, Travis Stufflepean was a 20-year-old young man from Fayetteville, Arkansas who in 1991 discovered he had a bad heart. After several surgeries, he was told his heart was dying and he needed a new heart. He was put on a transplant list after only 3-months, on June 27, 2012, he was notified a heart had been found. It was the heart of little Colton.  Travis said a lot of people wait a long time and never get a heart. He was told in 1991 he would never hook up to a heart but yet 20-years later he had a new heart. Travis said, he felt overwhelmed today. He said. “Jesus has really done amazing things, I believe that is all him,”


Today, in Montgomery County Justice of the Peace Court 1 which is in Willis, Texas, Young Colton’s father and father’s fiancé were finally married. Judge Wayne Mack performed the ceremony. What was special about this wedding, and unbeknown to the bride or groom was a Travis who traveled from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Travis Stufflepean, who just turned 28 had talked with the family before. The family had always wanted to meet the young man who had their sons’ heart. After seeing something on Facebook a while back Amanda McDonald, the sister of the bride talked with her parents Terry and Michelle Guy about an idea she cooked up. She contacted Travis and told him about the wedding that was going to take place today. Her mother and father then secretly flew Travis into Texas and kept him hidden through most of the wedding. Travis stood in a backroom waiting for the moment.  Just as Judge Mack asked if anyone had anything to say before he pronounced them man and wife, Travis walked out. There was not a dry eye in the courtroom including that of Judge Mack. Travis, who is now a youth minister brought a stethoscope with him so both the bride and groom could listen to their sons’ heart. As they said their son was at the wedding today.

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, 113000 people are now on the National Donor Program waiting list, over 20 a day die waiting for organs but yet 36, 528 transplants were done last year. They also say 95% of Americans support organ donation but only 58% sign up. Every 10 minutes another person is added to the list.


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