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Suspect Arrested in Friday Arson


 …and the suspect is a 67-year-old woman!



Magnolia Firefighters were called early Friday morning to a house fire in the 22900 block of Bramblevine Drive in far southwest Montgomery County.  The homeowner called 911 at 4:20am reporting that the second floor was on fire. When the first fire crews arrived they found heavy fire conditions in a second floor bedroom, but were able to enter and extinguish the fire within minutes, but not before the home suffered serious smoke and fire damage.

Both of the home’s occupants were treated on scene by MCHD-EMS for smoke inhalation and transported to different area hospitals for evaluation.   Both are expected to fully recover and there were no other injuries reported.

MCMFO Fire Investigators responded to the scene and both hospitals, interviewing the occupants and examining the fire scene.  Fire Investigators were able to determine that the fire was intentionally set and subsequently charged 67 year old Constance Walker Bowen with 1st degree Arson of a habitation.

Bowen had recently moved in and was staying in the home at the invitation of the homeowner, but had been asked to leave.  Investigators are still working to complete the investigation, but believe that Bowen set the fire as an act of spite and revenge after being asked to leave the home.

Arson of a habitation is one of the most serious arson charges due to the dangerous nature of the crime itself.   Setting a home on fire while occupants are asleep can often lead to serious injury or death.  Setting a fire in a residence not only endangers occupants, but can endanger firefighters as well who must assume that the home may be occupied.

Suspect; Bowen, Constance Walker W/F  DOB 01-12-1950



Source: Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office

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