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suspect captured in sixth montgomery county fatal accident

Just after 4 a.m. this morning Porter Fire Department was dispatched to a major accident at Ferris Green and Loop 494 in Porter. As the truck bays opened they accident was in front of the station. The female passenger of the vehicle 43 year-old Alicia Sanchez of New Caney was pronounced dead at the scene by Justice of the Peace James Metts. He ordered Metcalf Funeral Directors to transport the victim to Dallas for autopsy.The driver of the vehicle. her 20 year old daughter who has not yet been identified was taken to St. Lukes Woodlands in critical condition.

Sanchez’ daughter was southbound on Loop 494 when they stopped at the red light at Ferris Green. It was then they were struck by a  one ton welding truck traveling north on Loop 494 on the wrong side of the road. That truck was driven by driven by Clayton Walker Siverton, age 36 of Shepherd. DPS said the truck actually ran over the Toyota pushing it into the ditch on the east side of the road. The truck, losing parts down the road and a

The driver then fled the scene on foot. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies, Precinct 4 deputies, Paton  Village, New Caney ISD’s chief, DPS and multiple wreckers were soon joined by a DPS helicopter out of Houston. In addition Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Everton with one of Montgomery County’s newest K-9’s Argo arrived on the scene. Within minutes of arriving Argo picked up the three hour old trail and led officers across a field, through the woods to Us 59. Then back in the woods at Montgomery Pines Apartment’s and finally catching up with the suspect at US 59 and Cutler Road.

During this time the DPS helicopter remained overhead and was able to see when the suspect had gone in the woods, cross a creek and exit the woods.

He was brought back to the scene and taken to Kingwood Hospital for a mandatory blood draw.

On a strange twist to the story. A driver came up on the scene just after it happened and attempted CPR on the woman to no avail. He was both distraught and covered in blood when he spotted the welding truck. It turns out that the welding truck was driven by a friend of his who he had been drinking with all night. Siverton had just dropped him at his vehicle minutes before the crash.

DPS Troopers were able to obtain a blanket to wrap him in for warmth. However the Siverton fled in nothing but a t-shirt and was captured in the same.

The District Attorney’s Office is planning on filing Intoxicated Manslaughter, Manslaughter, Intoxicated Assault, and Felony Failure to Stop and Render Aid.

Loop 494 from Community to FM 1314 was closed from 4:10 a.m. to just after noon as DPS Troopers were assisted by the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and the DPS Crime scene unit.

In addition during the search for the suspect the K-9 unit came upon two jet ski’s which were stolen and left in the thick woods from quite some time ago.



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  1. After catching Clayton Walker Siverton, DPS and MCSO should have escorted him right over to the victim’s car and made him stand and look at every inch of it for 10 minutes – inside and out. Maybe it would burn a memory that he won’t be able to live with into the 3 brain cells he has left. And what a coward to run away and not render aid – his other drunk buddy had to clean up his mess.

  2. Wow, that looks so awful. But judging by the Woman’s vehical, I think it’s safe to say she hopefully never saw it coming. She blinked and when she opened her eyes she was in heaven. I hope that at least the family can take some small comfort in that.
    Prayers for her family, friends etc. Sorry for your loss.

  3. The pictures of this accident rip at my heart. I wish people would learn that their actions have consequences, fatal consequences. He does not deserve anything less than what the innocent victims received. Glad they found the guy and were able to get blood drawn from him so he doesn’t get off with lesser charges. Prayers for the family of the victims and the one that is still critical.

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