December 7, 2022 9:12 pm

Posted: 6.7.2012 0:56

teen flown to hermann after heat renders him unconscious

About 3:15 p.m.Montgomery County 911 took a call for a teen in the Sam Houston National Forest affected by the almost 100 degree heat. The call was determined to be in Walker County and was immediately transferred to them. Walker County EMS and the New Waverly Fire Department responded to a section of the Sam Houston National Forest.

Once at the location they loaded a backboard and medical equipment. After hiking approximately 300-400 yards they reached the 15-year-old. All of New Waverly Firefighters are medically trained and one of the crew Thursday afternoon was an off duty Houston Paramedic. He determined the young man was in urgent need of help and called Montgomery Fire Department to respond with their all terrain vehicle.

Within minutes the young mans condition worsened and the crew decided instead of waiting on the all terrain vehicle that they would carry the teen out.

Life Flight was requested to respond to the New Waverly helipad.

In a short time the teen was enroute to Hermann Hospital in Houston. On his arrival he was said to have gone unconscious.

Jimmy Williams, a firefighter with the New Waverly Fire Department said, “ It was approximately 300 to 400 yards into the woods, and they went in with a long board,” said Jimmy Williams with the New Waverly Fire Department. “They recognized that it was a true life-threatening event, and they made the decision to come out of the woods immediately, and not wait for extra help.”